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  • Summer Newsletter 2018


      June Glorious June! Welcome to the exuberant and joyful month of June. We can all breathe a sigh of delightful relief as we enter this exciting new month.  It’s time to live it up and have fun after the intensity of the first months of 2018. Energy Report The Universe Believes You Are Deserving […]

  • Weekly Energy Report 27 September 2014


    WEEK AHEAD COMMENCING SATURDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2014 Wow what a beautiful week we’ve been having here in the Southern part of the UK. Autumn is well and truly here as we look at the changes taking place in nature. The leaves on the trees are turning beautiful shades of brown, spiders are making their way […]



    SHINING OUR LIGHT Each and every one of us has our own individual hurts and pains to deal with, whether expected or unexpected. We continually have to adapt our lives to the changes that we are constantly experiencing as our inner world becomes our outer expression of physical form. In order for the phoenix to […]

  • Moments To Share


    How often do you stop and ask yourself how am I doing? Where am I at? When was the last time you took a long moment to yourself, for yourself, to check in with you, to stop and listen to how you are feeling? Do that now. Find a place to sit quietly where you […]

  • Message from the Great Ones


    We come with a direct message to humanity, in order to raise your consciousness, we wish to impart great news that will help assist you to raise your levels of awareness. With our words, comes great strength and meaning and it is our ‘job’ to reconnect you with the lost parts of yourselves, that without […]

  • Multi Dimensional Self

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    Your natural state of being, and what you are evolving toward, is a multi-dimensional character who will be able to make peace on this planet and take that peace into other worlds as well. You will realise that there are layers and layers of yourself experiencing, while a portion of you is so certain nothing […]

  • Divine I am


    ‘All of you, and all conscious beings in the cosmos of the soul, journey the spiral from darkness to light. We first separate from Prime Creator, then leap into the abyss of darkness to know the magnitude of all that is encompassed in the mind of God. Once we lose fascination with the mysteries of […]

  • Divine Timing


    Linear time is dissolving faster than sugar in a cup of tea. Changes are taking place inside and outside your physical bodies and etherically speaking, it’s anyone’s guess what’s been happening in the pure realms of spirit. As you continue to release toxic material, situations, thoughts and beliefs from your emotional bodies, you are beginning to […]

  • I am The God/dess of Light


    I am The God/dess of Light, my mission, my task is to remind you of the powerful wo-man creator that you are. You are not without love, you are not without life, you are beautiful, a true wo-man in all rights. I am here today to also remind you that you are not alone, you […]