Divine Timing

Linear time is dissolving faster than sugar in a cup of tea. Changes are taking place inside and outside your physical bodies and etherically speaking, it’s anyone’s guess what’s been happening in the pure realms of spirit.
As you continue to release toxic material, situations, thoughts and beliefs from your emotional bodies, you are beginning to realise the enormity of the situation.
If it feels like virtual hell right now, you’re probably closer to the truth than you realise.
Money, possessions, friendships and personal intimate relationships all fall to the wayside as you begin to accept and make way for the new.
This coming month will be like a cherry picker, leaving no stone unturned, as you make your way to the Ascension Portal. Beyond the Portal is your true home, your true identity and all that is left stripped bare.
Welcome through intention, greet, accept and embrace your new status, for it will become clear who You are as you take the final steps into the unknown.
As you trust, taking one step at a time, one after another, realise that each step is creating the landscape you desire. You will begin to see the flags and bunting waving in your honour.
Your mind, your heart has witnessed first hand the cleansing process as it washes away and cleanses all that is not pure within its corridors.
Concrete evidence will start to appear now, like cracks in a pavement as you surrender to the mighty inner rubble, the realisation that all along you we’re being steered in the right direction. The battle scars still fresh as you recall all that has brought you to this point. As you lick your wounds, heal the past, accept whatever lies ahead in the future – It will dissolve – all of it, everything you thought you had created and the truth will be revealed, like a diamond in the coal.

If ever there was a time to let go completely, it’s now. Go on, the universe is supporting you. You will not fall, you will be caught, caressed, like a feather coercing with the breeze.
As Creator you have manifested well the physical body, the many realms and dimensions that hold your larger energy body. As the witness to all of your creations, you will now have the opportunity to review one last time, all that you have created. As the tide turns, loosen your grip, be willing to fall, without the support of anyone or anything and you will fly beyond the shadows, beyond the winds of time.
As you come to rest in the knowledge that there is and only ever was YOU, the bells will ring their toll, the chain to the gates of hell will fall and you will be United.
Love and joyful blessings
Jessica Woods


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