Energy Healing

How it works…

Jessica works with the Divine by connecting and accessing the energy field, locating and clearing unconscious problem areas, stuck energies, traumas and blocks. Guided by Source Jessica intuitively identifies these areas so those patterns can be cleared by releasing the negative programming that stagnates and holds them in place. This can be a result of carrying negative energetic attachments from previous, future or parallel lives, from others, all of which need clearing or releasing. Sometimes we have unconscious vows, oaths or contracts that need replacing or changing. We might have energy trapped around significant others that may require acceptance or forgiveness. Jessica identifies the blocks on all levels of your being including, the obvious physical, mental, emotional levels. She also accesses the ancestral, past life, parallel, cosmic and all higher dimensional levels if necessary, ensuring that your body, mind and soul come into complete alignment and balance at this time with your higher self, purpose and level of ascension and awareness, creating divine harmony within and without. Your energy field, chakras and meridians are left balanced, your cells, DNA, mind and emotions clear and focused, you may feel the changes taking place immediately, and some people sense lightness and usually a shift in their energy in some subtle or significant way, although this is not always the case for everyone.

Releasing the past…

This energy work is beneficial for any deep seated emotional problems, including; confidence, self-esteem, behavioural or physical issues that are persistent and can cause long term damage to your mind, body and spirit in turn causing dis-ease. Most of our conditioning takes place at a very young age and becomes embedded within the subconscious and therefore can be difficult to change no matter what we do. This healing work can be successful in dealing with the deeper level of re-programming which can be achieved through this work.

Each energy transmission is unique. No two people are the same and each person will experience changes in very different ways. The work is very subtle, by shifting your energy frequency and vibration you will begin to resonate with your new level of attraction and awareness, creating outer changes that reflect the inner work.

Time for Change…

The work can be done remotely, or in person depending on your graphic location. If working remotely, you will need to find a comfortable spot at the allocated time and relax. Jessica will then start the energy transmission until complete, which may take up to an hour. It is advisable to keep quiet time immediately after the session and drink plenty of water before and after, as this helps to detoxify the physical body. No further treatment should be required after your session, although we do recommend that you keep yourself positively focused in all that you do, perhaps using meditation and visualisation as a way to relax and stay grounded, changing your diet in alignment with the flow of higher energies and taking regular exercise and spending time in nature for complete balance and harmony.

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