Today in the air is an anticipation of yet that which is to come and that which we are leaving behind. Today is a bridge, a bridge to another realm, a way of being, and a new level of awareness. We cannot yet see what is ahead, we sense it, we know change is happening and yet it does feel slightly scary if we try and ‘see’ what lies ahead. Deep knowledge and inner wisdom can be tapped into today. Tune into your own essence, for it will bring joy, feelings of worthiness and creative vision.

Healing is taking place today, within and without. What you can’t see is already in motion and your attention is being drawn back to you, your body, your life, your world. In other words, today is all about YOU. Whatever your pace today, and it may seem externally slower, although time will speed by if you’re not careful. Plan your day ahead, know what food you need in for preparing dinner, your evening meal. Look forward to this evening as it may feel more playful and fun, even if you haven’t got anything specific planned. Enjoy an evening in, relaxing, laughing with friends, break out of your usual habitual programmes and do something different – it is sure to bring you joy, whatever you decide.

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Planetary energies step up a pace today and yesterday may seem like a long while ago! Today’s energies are very different, there are things to be sorted out today, work to be done, commitments to be fulfilled, possibly with family, children. Don’t be a slacker today as the work needs to get done, things you have been putting off need to be finished and organised, so your body and mind can take a mini-vacation and be cleared of excess baggage.

Whatever decisions are made today will be concrete, so decide easily and move on, as whatever transpires from today will come back, so do ensure the decisions you make are not taken lightly. Bring love into your thoughts, as today is not the day to set up regrets.

There is a determination in the air, so others may have niggles and want their own way. This day may bring authority figures into your life, so make sure you don’t overstay your welcome when it comes to traffic wardens and the like. If you have business dealings to do today, state your case calmly and firmly and be prepared to see things from another’s perspective.


Weeee what a rollercoaster day, it may start off with unexpected things happening and there is a sense of lightness as we awaken to another beautiful day on this planet. Hang on to your hats (it may be windy literally) It will feel like a blustery, autumn day (here in South UK) although I expect the excitement will be in the air. The winds of change, not discernible, yet definitely a kind of “where did I put that hat” day. You may have to put things into order today, much to your annoyance as still there is an air of authority hanging about. There may not literally be anyone standing over you, although you will feel pushed to meet the deadlines, make the commitment and finish the job. This evening will bring a sense of security and contentment, even if you are not sure why.

On a lighter note, you may receive good news from a friend, colleague or family member. It may even be written or sent in the post. A rebate, a refund, a good deed sent your way. Except with love and gratitude and make it known to your higher self/God/the Universe that you are very happy and grateful to receive more from where that came. Open your heart and listen to your inner voice, it will be waiting, like the Genie, for your next command. Ask and It is Given (an excellent book by the way, written by Esther and Jerry Hicks) your new level of awareness will be testing you today to see how you react to receiving. Open your heart, your arms, your…. Prepare to receive, you are a gift, waiting to happen.


You may be feeling very tired and not want to get out of bed today, although I sense you just might have too! What has happened to your physical body? It may feel heavier than usual, each step might feel more pronounced, you may be more aware of how your body moves, operates and parts of it that you aren’t usually conscious of (ie. teeth. It’s as if you are suddenly aware of the little details that usually you might take for granted.

Today is a good day to acknowledge, accept and love all parts of you and your body. (Especially those parts that go unacknowledged and unappreciated)

Start by taking an imaginary shower of light. Close your eyes, visualise yourself standing under a beautiful shower of white light, energetically charging every cell, atom, particle, (including bones, blood, muscles, skin, organs etc., etc.) Allow yourself to bathe in the light of the Divine. Know that this light is re-charging, re-juvenating, re-energising and re-balancing every part of your being, each and every part of your energy system. Feel the energy of peace, love, joy and happiness flowing within and without, encasing you in deepening love and positivity. Breathe, relax, and enjoy this feeling as you completely bring your body, mind and soul into harmony. When you are ready, open your eyes and feel refreshed and revitalised.

The energy today is focusing on a deeper kind of change. I take this to mean that you are now very definitely moving across the bridge (higher ascension process), and as your awareness opens, balances and integrates the higher level of intelligence and consciousness will be felt more fully over the coming days, weeks and months. New insights, bright ideas, clarity and discernment will be available to you. You cannot run from what was once hidden, nor should you try. Bring yourself into a calm centred space and allow the Universe to do the rest (you, your higher self, God, Source). Your position is to allow whatever transpires to bring a greater meaning and depth of understanding to yourself and the relationship you have with others, life and beyond. You will no doubt receive useful insights into that which you desire. Those burning questions, about life, about your purpose, will be revealed to you over the coming months if your desire and intention to be willing to listen, be prepared and accept that which is opening for you. There is nothing to do, but remain. Remain open, clear, focused and ready – for remember you ask ‘you will receive’. Be prepared for not what you expect, the answers never are.


You may feel like you have awakened in another world today. You will feel good. Yet slightly disorientated, so it is important to balance and ground yourself today. Stay calm, focus on what needs to get done and leave the rest until another day. Focus is key today, it is all about what you chose to do, not what must get done. You may feel yourself being pulled in a certain direction and not sure why. Go with the flow today. Remember there is nothing to do, (in reality you may disagree, yet this is just the illusion) Do what needs to be done, as a matter of priority and necessity. Delegate, pass over to another, for again they will go with the flow too if you do.

Matters of the heart could arise today. There may be some jealousy floating around. Be aware of it. Do not react, just notice what you are noticing today. Dynamics will be playing out sequentially, throughout the day, your part is to remain detached, as if watching from a different perspective, that of the viewer, the observer, with no attachment to the outcome.

Relax this evening, you deserve it. You may not feel like going out.


A busy day for a Sunday, football games, parks, plays, concerts, meeting houses, churches, listening to others, being listened too by others – oh what a lovely day. A day to feel connected with other people, a lovely energy exchange taking place. Enjoy this day whatever you do. Perhaps a treat or too in store. Maybe forget the kitchen and head to a local restaurant, you deserve it, hang up the apron today.

Lots of fun and games to be had by all. Outside activities will be good for the soul, even if you are not a fan of spending time outdoors (whatever the weather). Put your feet up in the evening with a smile on your face. You will feel deeply connected with your loved ones, and if single and alone, will miss having company and wish you had a loved one to snuggle up with. This may invoke past memories of times gone by, when you were fortunate enough to be loved and loving to another. Cuddle up with your teddy instead, invite a friend round, read a good book or watch an excellent film. It’s okay to relive the past, just make sure you go to bed feeling good about yourself. So maybe a hot bubbly bath, a cuppa of your favourite brew, or just telling yourself how wonderful you really are – and you are of course


Whoosh the week starts with a rush, your energy is feeling high and there is much to be done. Today is the day to get on with it. Meet with friends and have a catch up, share stories, have fun, enjoy. If you are working, things will go smoothly, even if at first it doesn’t appear too. Everything is flowing today, it will bring rewards, enjoyment and happiness. For you lonely folk out there, you may have quality interactions (albeit brief) with strangers, colleagues, bosses, etc. You will feel like a good job done!

Don’t take life too seriously today, watch a funny movie, got to a comedy club, and lighten up. Mantra for today “Life is a breeze, I love it, I love me”.

Set goals today, “What do I want to get done this week, this month, this year” Find ways to fulfil those desires. Take action, google that after work social club or enterprise you’ve been thinking of doing. Dig out those ideas you had stashed away and haven’t got around to doing. Schedule that event in your diary. Contact a friend and book that holiday you’ve been thinking of doing. Now is not the time to be idle, get out there, meet people, make your presence known, shout from the rooftops, stand on the stage, the universe has got your back, go play children of earth, it’s your day.

I hope you have enjoyed this Energy Update. Feel free to offer any feedback which can be posted on my website or Facebook page Jessica Woods Psychic Medium. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and blessings
Jessica x