I am The God/dess of Light

I am The God/dess of Light, my mission, my task is to remind you of the powerful wo-man creator that you are. You are not without love, you are not without life, you are beautiful, a true wo-man in all rights. I am here today to also remind you that you are not alone, you never can be and never will be. My wish for you is that you receive all that you request, all that you require – and you only have to ask. Stop and ask yourself, it is that simple. Decide what is really important to you and remember that your desires in this world take a little while longer to materialise, and this you know.

Remember also to pleasure yourself in whatever manner, whatever way seems fitting for you, there are no limits to what you desire and can achieve. Bring your awareness of self into the equation for as you do you will feel, see and experience limitless potential flowing through you, like the oceans flowing around the globe.
Welcome the new you as you party and celebrate your uniqueness, your beauty, your love of self and for others. The time is imminent that all beings will awaken to their true potential and you are no exception. Accept that you are part of the evolution of all species here on planet Earth and reach out to the stars as they descend upon you all. Embrace the love, the joy, the pleasure, gaining momentum as Earth aligns in the heavens in her rightful place. Already planned are many, many things that you are unequivocally aware of things that are happening right under your nose. Take notice and see what is happening to your planet, to the people whose rights are abused and ignored. The time has come for you all to stand up and be counted. Look outside of yourself and see for a moment what you have all created, for you ALL are the creators of this reality and nothing is created by chance.
Listen to the inner voice which is constantly calling you forward into a new beginning, a new healthier, loving existence, a new way of being which encompasses and takes into account the whole. You are not alone, there are many aspects of Self procreated in another galaxy, another time, without which you would not exist here and now. Respect yourself, give yourself the honour of being true to Self no matter what and you will see the tide turn right in your direction and you will feel the overload of emotional outpourings of love and bliss descend upon your physical vehicle and you will know that you have come home. The heavens are awaiting your return, return not through death, decay and dying, rather by becoming aware that you are all of It. The creator, the destroyer, the minder, the lover, the child, the parent, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. What will you do with this information? It is up to you to decide how you wish to play out the next part of this amazing, spectacular play, for that is what it is. Rejoice, celebrate and know whatever you decide, you are returning on the path home, back to the throne of Oneness, alight, aglow, in wholeness.

Love and joyous blessings
Jessica Woods 

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