Message from the Great Ones

We come with a direct message to humanity, in order to raise your consciousness, we wish to impart great news that will help assist you to raise your levels of awareness. With our words, comes great strength and meaning and it is our ‘job’ to reconnect you with the lost parts of yourselves, that without them, you would render yourselves in part, separate from yourself.

Hear the note within yourself rise and surrender, for we are with you all-ways. Now, breath, relax and let go, let yourself fall into the apparent nothing-ness, for we are here to catch your fall. We are ready to transmute all and everything that is redundant in your life, we are angels of mercy and beings of intense light, and it is this light that transforms all that touches it, even faintly, the edges of mist begin to clear and leave you full and bright. You can feel this now – drink it in, your new beginnings, as the past is left behind and you step fully into the now. We bring the hand of God to you now, feel us at your crown, the top of your head. With our blue healing light, we divide space and enable complete Oneness to be with you at all times. Lifting yourself higher into dimensions that once belonged only to those you call ‘enlightened’ ones. Never again, will you be left behind or barred from your Home, your place of rest in the Heavens. We adorn you with the ring of Fire, the Flame of Eternal Light, as we rest with you now, sleeping by your side, forever and always, so be it”.


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