Moments To Share

How often do you stop and ask yourself how am I doing? Where am I at? When was the last time you took a long moment to yourself, for yourself, to check in with you, to stop and listen to how you are feeling? Do that now. Find a place to sit quietly where you will not be disturbed, if you haven’t already; just stop what you are doing. Take a long, slow deep breath and relax.

How are you, do you feel okay? Give yourself permission to stop what you are doing and focus all your attention on you. Notice which parts of your body are holding tension and give those parts permission to let go. How often do you talk to your body, really connect with it and give it thanks for housing your mighty spirit? Go on, start with your toes, your ankles, knees, thighs, your genitals, your stomach, back, chest, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, head, your internal organs, lungs, skin, hair, all, each and every part of you, inside and out. Pause and focus on any areas you do not like, you know the ones, the parts you dislike, hide, or ignore. Now is the time to connect with these parts of you and send love from your heart to the heart of you. Imagine talking to these parts, receiving a reply and asking for forgiveness if need be, take a moment to ask and confirm how you can be more loving, what your body might need from you. When we deny aspects of ourselves, we are pushing ourselves away causing separation, we are denying, not acknowledging that we are the total sum of our parts. If we cannot love ourselves fully and completely then how can we possibly love and accept another truly for who they are. Be not blinded by your own truth, acceptance has to come or you will forever be rejecting parts of

who you truly are and, will always feel incomplete. Do what you need to do to reconnect, take time every day perhaps when you shower, to give thanks and love to each part of your body, it only takes a moment, you will feel a whole lot better and when you thank you body for being a miraculous temple, remember that without it, you would not exist.

Take a moment to look back over the past year and review your life. What personal changes have you made? How are you different to who you were back then? Do you think differently, feel differently? Do you get a sense of how far you come? Perhaps you get a strong sense of knowing that you are not the person you were a year ago. So much has happened, so much has changed. Maybe you think differently, act differently, and certainly feel like a new person. Perhaps it feels like you’ve grown up. Regardless of your age you’ve suddenly matured overnight, and with it a sense of personal freedom has loomed up on you and, seems to be whom you are. Whatever has happened, you know for sure you will never be the same again. People have come and gone. Your attitude to life has changed. What was important is no longer. Other things prioritise your thinking, the way you act and how you handle and deal with things, the nature of which is very, very different than before. And yet, what has happened? It almost feels like you are living in a dream. Perhaps you are you say. And this seems surreal and yet rings a bell of truth. Deep down within you, you know you have changed and yet perhaps you can’t quite put a finger of what is decidedly different, it just is.

Awareness of time and space is different, some days it is hard to distinguish which day of the week it is and the hours speed by like a ticking clock on speed. You get up and before you

24 Inspired Worldknow it the day is done. Or, perhaps you have so much time you can hardly fill your days with meaningful experiences and you’d rather be somewhere else, doing something different and yet, what?!

You feel compelled to follow your heart and find it difficult to follow routine. If you have not taken the leap already you feel the pull to work for yourself, retire, change career, to break routine and do what you love doing. You feel a yearning for a simple life. You long to be amongst like- minded positive people and anyone else gets you down and you leave their company feeling drained. Being alone and spending quiet time calls to you often. You find yourself wanting to eat healthier foods and your diet has changed. Other times, you feel compelled to eat sweet sugary treats that leave you feeling tired and exhausted and needing unusual amounts of sleep. Your sleep patterns have changed. Yo-yoing between having copious amounts of sleep and then burning the candle at opposite ends and feeling revitalised after only a few hours’ sleep. Dreams have taken on a new lease of life. Some leaving you questioning whether you were awake or asleep and which world are you in as a new day dawns.

What was important to you, fast cars, mansions, shopping, expensive treats, have been replaced with the need for love, co-operation, peace and harmony. Time spent with friends in loving harmony far outweighs the need for material goods. Being outside in natural surroundings, enjoying the beauty of mother earth, the changing seasons brings a sense of relief and joy. Travel to locations of great beauty beckons and calls and resistance only brings more desire to experience a deeper connection to the mysterious wonders of life.

Have you a desire to write a book? To find your voice, join a choir, play a musical instrument. Do you feel that you want to retire from workshops and classes as there is nothing new to learn, except to create through sharing, connections, excitement and fun? We are coming home to ourselves. We are beginning to recognise, to understand, to know that we have within us all that we need. We no longer chase the material dream. We desire from a place of growth for new experiences. We can see through the illusion created by the master sales person, the corporations, governments and banks that seek to control, demand and expect from us.

The stillness calls. Heaven is knocking at your own door and you have the key. You are the master, the designer, the shaper, the craftsman. Everything that exists, exists within you. As you begin to understand who you are, your potential to create all that you desire, you weave the web of existence and realise all along that you are all of it and everything comes to you.

As the energy of creation turns inwards upon itself – the great divide lessens its grip on humanity and united we stand. As we rise up and call upon our greater, mighty selves, we truly understand that we are One and the same. We recognise our weaknesses are our strengths, our separation no longer. We turn towards the light and embrace it, for it is who we are. We are truly blessed as we allow ourselves to become that which we already are – the Oneness calls. As we raise our ears to the sound of the infinite, we smile as we hear Our call, we remember who we are, we rejoice in our awareness and so be it, for now, and now, and now.

Greetings and blessings So much love, Jessica Woods, The British Therapist


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