Newsletter November 2014



Welcome to this newsletter, the first since the closure of Destiny back in September. What a whirlwind of a year, it has been with so many changes, on all levels of our being. Time has sped up, we are clearing aeons of ‘stuff’ from our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as we prepare to come into alignment with the Galactic Central Sun and the 21.12.12 alignment.

What exactly does this mean, and how is this affecting each and every one of us personally? These are the questions that are being asked at this time. As I understand it, we are being asked to purge, cleanse and heal anything and everything on all levels of our being. It is a time to give up, surrender and let go of all things that are not in alignment with our highest and true purpose. We are being pushed to undertake a deep and profound cleansing, that means digging deep into our unconscious and allowing whatever is ‘hidden’ there, to be released and transmuted, in the higher light of truth and who we truly are.

This journey isn’t for the fainthearted, we have travelled far on the road to inner mastery, and now is not the time to give up, or give in. We are being stretched and pulled in every direction, and to fully awaken and integrate into full alignment with our Source being, we have no choice but to surrender and take our place in the knowledge, that we are returning home to Source, to God, to ourselves at this pivotal time in our evolution.

Raising our awareness and becoming conscious creators, lie at the bottom of the transformation processes that are accelerating our lives and our purpose at this time. It is beneficial to be fully aware of the toxins that are in the food and water at this time, and to drink spring water that is pure and not laden with fluoride which is poison to our bodies.

The same can be said of toothpastes which contain fluoride, and beauty products made with petroleum and other such toxic harmful chemicals. Food that is natural, fresh and pure, including fruits and vegetables that ‘feel’ vibrationally alive, could be sourced from local farms, organic suppliers and home grown produce, where possible. Personally, I juice by using fresh organic fruits and vegetables, with super foods including Spiralina, Wheatgrass, Bifidilifus etc everyday, which helps bring my body into balance and cleanse my digestive system. Using eco cleaning products in our homes, gives us peace of mind and recycling all and any items, where possible will help to save our beautiful planet for the generations that lie ahead.

World News

A few months ago there was a gathering called “The SEED Conference” that took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Attending and speaking were Shamans from the Yucatan, Peru, and New Zealand; the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers; Hopi elders, and many more fabulous people such as Gregg Braden, Marianne Williamson, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

The Seed Foundation is part of the Wisdom Keepers organization. Since we are in 2012 and heading into December 21st very quickly, the gathering of these world leaders and teachers was not only profound and timely but also extremely crucial.

Coming all the way from Peru was Don Alejandro and his wife, Elizabeth. Don is a chosen Mayan leader and teacher of the Mayan people and the Calendar. His words during this event were simple, loving, and very true for everyone today living and understanding the way of simplicity. He wanted people to understand values in life and the importance of loving one another. Mostly, he shared that pollution and corruption were the worst things happening right now. He mentioned that we are at the end of the 5th Sun cycle, which happens every 26,000 years.

Now we must understand that the Sun is not an enemy, but a friend that brings the Earth vital energy, as it does our bodies and our own vitality. Coming from fear is only due to lack of knowledge. He made it clear that the Mayans are giving us information, not predicting the end of the world. He said that the family is the unit of oneness, and we must see each other as that family. This in turn will reflect into the Earth itself, and we can live the way we have always been meant to. Don Alejandro was simple and direct in delivering this message.

Ac Tah was another Indigenous teacher from the Yucatan, who had an important message to share. Here is what Ac Tah had to say:

“I am 100 percent Indigenous from my land. This is how we see the modern people. A cellular phone is like a two or three year old baby with a large knife in his hand. Instead of using technology to expand and enjoy consciousness more, we have used it for the opposite. At this point, we should be able to travel from one Galaxy to another, not from one job to the next! And so looking how advanced we are in technology, why does this not happen? The answer is that the modern world has separated itself from the ancient wisdom. Many people, especially in Mexico, want to return to the ancient wisdom. They want to say NO to technology. They begin to cultivate the Earth, and to live in houses without electricity. However, this isn’t moving forward, either.

Actually, we can combine both things. We can use technology to be kinder to the Earth. Even the Mayan people use a lot of technology. All of the cities and the archaeology zones you’ve seen, like Chichen Itza, are particle accelerators. Many people do not know how this works. Scientists have been doing research and research and research, but they never ask the Mayans! They only suppose how it works. They think we just climb up and worship the Sun. They thought women would climb up, and we would tear their hearts out. These are great fantasies. In truth, these sites are particle accelerators.

We know that the Sun affects our bodies, and when there is a large amount of energy from the Sun, our production changes. Right now, our production is very limited. Why? Because it depends on our eyes. If there was more energy on the Earth, the centre of our eyes would open more. We would realize that there were no empty places on the planet. The space that is in between me and you, from your perspective, it is empty. If you put on x-ray vision glasses, you would see that there is energy between us, and that there are no empty spaces anywhere on this Earth. Actually, it is the concentration of energy that lets our bodies become hard. The energy between us is also matter; it’s just that the vibration is different. We have known this for a very long time.

Today, the Sun has increased its vibration, and for this reason, many people are experiencing many perceptions. There are people who see angels. They have visions, and some smell aromas. They are connecting themselves to another world. This is what doctors call “schizophrenia.” In true reality, that’s not true. This is a new perception we are experiencing. For this reason, it is very important to realize a change in perception.

What do we do? Do we return to ancestral rituals or do we remain with technology? The young ones love technology. This is a way to communicate throughout the entire world. If you do not love technology, you become forgotten in today’s world. But the young ones are also interested in what the elders are saying. I figured out a way for the young ones to interact on all levels. You take the wisdom of the ancestors and combine it with technology.

Everything that you observe on this planet in technology has been done before. There is nothing new on this planet. The only thing that hasn’t been done before is learning how to live in peace. We have lived for thousands of years without peace. We are always struggling with one another. If I’m better than you, where my borders are, if I’m taller than you…We are always competing. We become better people when we absorb knowledge from each other. We see different visions. This is how we cooperate. Everything has sound and generates a frequency. The drums, maracas, animals all have a frequency. We listen better when we observe. Every technological element is a copy of nature.

Our body is energy and generates sound and vibration. We can generate the Solar energy. If you want to generate a great change, you can’t do it if you’re sick. You can’t do it if you’re depressed. You have to have enough energy to generate this great change in consciousness. But how do we generate ourselves with this energy? You should be able to wake up every morning with joy. The Sun is blocked right now. Between our bodies and the Sun there’s a block. TV and radio waves block the Sun’s energy. The majority of the sunshine comes from the Earth back to the clouds. We can generate this energy by using the wisdom of our ancestors. All the archaeology zones teach us that we have a mathematical system, a geometric form, and it has frequency and sound. When the wisdom of the Maya was ending, the knowledge expanded. It was brought to Asia and Europe. This knowledge was divided. We are now beginning to reintegrate it. Why? Because this is the way we recuperate our essence of God. The world will not change if we do not change ourselves. We all here at this conference are generating a frequency that has not existed before. We can’t continue to think that the world will end because your body moves all of reality. If you think about negativity, then something negative will happen.

So what’s happening is that our old bodies are still generators of energy. But just prepare your body so that all of the energy we live focuses on the world we want to live in. That’s why we have used science so much as well as the ancestral wisdom. We need to balance our brains. Music is not just “Do re mi fa so.” We had hundreds of scales. When the musicians came to teach music to us, they said we didn’t know music. They gave us the five scales. Our brains disconnected from the knowledge. However, more of this is coming back through the creation of new instruments. Our music connects you to the total consciousness, amplifies your awareness, and then your body generates more energy.”

Channelled Messages from the Great Ones

We are delighted that you are joining us within these words, we are Masters of the Angelic and Ascended Realms. We are here with our messages for humanity at this time, as great changes accelerate within your bodies, your DNA, cellular structure and into the illusion of the universe too.

We come with a direct message to humanity, in order to raise your consciousness, we wish to impart great news that will help assist you to raise your levels of awareness. With our words, comes great strength and meaning and it is our ‘job’ to reconnect you with the lost parts of yourselves, that without them, you would render yourselves in part, separate from yourself.

Hear the note within yourself rise and surrender, for we are with you all-ways. Now, breath, relax and let go, let yourself fall into the apparent nothing-ness, for we are here to catch your fall. We are ready to transmute all and everything that is redundant in your life, we are angels of mercy and beings of intense light, and it is this light that transforms all that touches it, even faintly, the edges of mist begin to clear and leave you full and bright. You can feel this now – drink it in, your new beginnings, as the past is left behind and you step fully into the now. We bring the hand of God to you now, feel us at your crown, the top of your head. With our blue healing light, we divide space and enable complete Oneness to be with you at all times. Lifting yourself higher into dimensions that once belonged only to those you call ‘enlightened’ ones. Never again, will you be left behind or barred from your Home, your place of rest in the Heavens. We adorn you with the ring of Fire, the Flame of Eternal Light, as we rest with you now, sleeping by your side, forever and always, so be it.


On a Personal Note

It has been an exceptionally wonderful and transformative year. I have had the pleasure to meet so many of you amazing people, as many of you have walked through the doors of Destiny. We started the New Year with the weekly Wednesday coffee mornings and had the pleasure of seeing and hearing many wonderful and inspiring speakers. Tears still come to my eyes when I think about all the amazing stories, love, sharing and truly fantastic skills that have been shared and experienced.

We had a variety of workshops including Angels, Abundance, EFT, Divine Energy groups, Meditation groups, Spiritual and Self Development evenings, beach parties, and film nights.

It was difficult in many ways to accept that Destiny had served its purpose after such a short time, just one year in its entirety. Taking down the butterfly signs, selling off the furniture and debunking everything to my home seemed to happen in some sort of whirlwind. That year flew by and to think that the doors have been closed for two months already, seems almost unreal. I have had a ball, getting to know you all and have such warm and treasured memories that will stay with me forever.

Now, on the other side of the shop closure, I am up and ready to go with all the new and exciting projects, events and workshops for 2013, listed below. My book writing is slowly and steadily progressing and also, an exciting card deck and book is in progress. I am taking bookings for readings during November and December and offering a 10% discount, bringing the price to £40 for a one hour session and £20 for half an hour, both including the mp3 or tape recording. Please contact me for available dates.

In addition, to my readings, I am offering private consultations to those ready to take the next step in the Ascension Process. If you feel ready to clear any remaining ‘blocks’, energy drains, karmic debris, or emotional baggage, then please get in touch and I will be happy to give you further information and book a consultation with you. I am receiving inspiring feedback from people who have already undergone a session and these are some of the things that are being said.

“I feel freedom, a lightness, as if I have broken

through a barrier that until now I couldn’t get past”.

“I can breath, I know my life will never be the same

I can ascend now, I just know it”

“Within 60 minutes, I felt release, joy, empowerment and a

wonderful sense that I really can manifest whatever I want from now on”

Forthcoming talks

workshops and events


Christmas Coffee

Drop-In Day

Wednesday 5th December

10.00am – 2.00pm

3 Waterside

Mudeford, BH23 3NZ

Please join me for a cuppa or glass of mead to celebrate christmas, friendship new and old, and a jolly good catch up as it’s been too long! Since the closure of Destiny, I have been hiding away and would love to see you all at mine if you can make it and pop in. Where has the time gone eh, and what have you all been up too? Look forward to finding out :-) Please note parking is best along Rushford Warren and there is also a pull-in parking on left before turning into Waterside. Love and blessings ♥ ♥

As I have limited space at my home, please make sure you have RSVP so I can number count, it’s first come, first served

Transform You Now TM

The Power of Positive Creation

Saturday 12th January 2013

10am – 5.00pm

The Burley Manor Hotel

Burley (In the heart of the New Forest)

£45pp including refreshments

Personal Invitation to a day with

Dee Taylor-Mason & Jessica Woods

Join Dee and Jessica for a one-day workshop, where magic happens! Experience simple, tried and tested tools for manifestation, personal well-being and transformation, as you become the master of your own destiny. You will be guided to dig deep into your unique personal well of inspiration and imagination to create powerful changes in areas of health, relationships, work and abundance. Dee and Jessica are passionate about empowering people to become conscious effective agents of change and look forward to welcoming you for a fun, enlightening day of positive transformation.

Dee Taylor-Mason is a practicing holistic healer with over 15 year’s experience. Dee has studied several modalities, where possible training with the originator. Dee Therapies include:- Energy Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapist, TFT practitioner, NLP Neuro linguistic programming, Past life Regression and Genealogical regression.

Jessica Woods works as a self empowerment coach, Intuitive energy reader/healer, spiritual consultant and visionary whose mission includes helping others raise awareness of self, reach divine states of alignment and personal transformation. Jessica runs innovative, transformational workshops and seminars, alongside her private practice giving divine readings and energy alignments.

Registration 9.30am onwards

Please bring a packed lunch (hotel food pre-orders available, please ask for details)

Please note that numbers are limited – to secure your place a £10 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking.

Early bird discount £38 if booked and paid before 30 November. 

click below to download booking form


Channelling, Connections & Beyond

Friday 14th December 2012

7.30 – 10.00pm

Perkins Hall, Pilley

Nr Lymington

£10 including refreshments

Join Dee Taylor-Mason and Jessica Woods

An evening to experience the history and application of channelling and observe demonstrations of the many forms of channelling with Dee Taylor-Mason and Jessica Woods, as they work in their own unique and varied styles.

Witness some of the amazing stories. Participate and access higher states of awareness and connection to your own higher intelligence, at this fun, light-hearted and informative evening.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Contact Jude Law (Positive Living Group, Lymington) 07717 650773 or

Jessica Woods 01202 488838

Transform You Now TM

Healing the Gods Workshop

Saturday 2nd February 2013

10am – 5.00pm

at The Burley Manor Hotel

Burley (In the heart of the New Forest)

£35pp including refreshments

Personal Invitation to a transformational day with

Jessica Woods

Join Jessica for a one-day workshop, where enlightenment and transformation abounds! We are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited. Learn how to accelerate your path of divine awareness and activate your hidden potential by utilizing your own unique and unprecedented power within. Release feelings of powerlessness and embrace your innate ability to create your reality Recognise the power of beliefs and emotions and the role they play in healing the healer within. Welcome and ride the wave of ascension, as you unfold as a multi-dimensional being.

Jessica Woods works as a self empowerment coach, Intuitive energy reader/healer, spiritual consultant and visionary whose mission includes helping others raise awareness of self, reach divine states of alignment and personal transformation. Jessica runs innovative, transformational workshops and seminars, alongside her private practice giving divine readings and energy alignments. Jessica is passionate about empowering people to become conscious, effective agents of change, in an ever unfolding, expanding and changing universe.

Registration 9.30am onwards

Please bring a packed lunch (hotel food pre-orders available, please ask for details)

Please note that numbers are limited – to secure your place a £10 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking.

Early bird discount £32 if booked and paid before 31 December 2012. 

Enquiries or to make a booking contact Jessica Woods 01202 488838 / 07825269628

click below to download booking form


Important Dates for Your Diary

Tuesday 13th November – Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon*

Monday 19th November – Pleiades Alignment

Monday 12th December – Maya Sacred Calendar Re-Booting

Friday 21st December (21.12.12) – Winter Solstice/shortest Day

*New Moon is an excellent time to write ‘abundance cheques’ to yourself for whatever amount you wish to receive at this time. Sign off, from the Universe. The new moon is an excellent time to write your wish list and give deep thanks and appreciation for having already received it.

**COMING JUNE 2013**

New World Conference 2013

8/9th June 2013, Burley Manor Hotel, Burley, Nr Ringwood, UK

2013 marks the beginning of a new world, join us and celebrate with top US Worldwide Author, Speaker William Henry…. & Free Spirit, Author of Dreams on the edge of a distant world…. Magenta Pixie, Dee Taylor-Mason, Jessica Woods, Ildiko Scurr, & Linda Anousta as they herald the beginning times of living in 5D.

Full workshops and event details to follow.

Anyone interested in giving a short talk or having a stall selling their goods/products at this event, please contact Jessica for details.

Enquiries or to make a booking contact Jessica Woods 01202 488838 / 07825 269628

Love, light and blessings to you all


Jessica x

Enquiries or to make a booking contact

Jessica Woods 01202 488838 / 07825 269628

We accept payments via Cash / Cheque and Paypal

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