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Each and every one of us has our own individual hurts and pains to deal with, whether expected or unexpected. We continually have to adapt our lives to the changes that we are constantly experiencing as our inner world becomes our outer expression of physical form.

In order for the phoenix to rise from the ashes, we have to acknowledge where we have come from. We have to be willing to shine the spotlight on that which is hidden. We must find peace with our truth, no matter what perceived consequences. By shining the divine light of truth and illuminating our bodies, hearts and minds, we grow. Our growth is measured not by the circumstances themselves per say, yet by the very essence of our willingness to understand that which we have created.

Masters of our own destiny, we plunge into our souls depths again and again, revealing more and more of the web of life, that which sustains us, that which plays out a myriad of ways, as we take up the stage, as actors in the play of our lives. Meaningful conversations are built from endless strands of the same bow. Mysteries seemingly beyond our level of awareness, gently remind us of our place in the universe, that it is never ending, forever unfolding beyond our wildest dreams. Our Soul, a window into the abyss of Self construction, brings a greater clarity and awareness of self, of others, of the whole. For without each other, we are nothing other than a blob on the canvas, a stroke of the brush, a single dollar amid the vast sea of wealth and human potential.

Love and be loved, that truly is all there is.

Love and blessings

Jessica x


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