Spring 2016 Newsletter

  • Glasto pic april 16

 Glasto pic april 16

Welcome to Spring 2016 Newsletter

Here we are, well and truly in the throes of spring. There is no doubt about it as the UK weather on the South Coast continues to surprise and delight us, with its array of snow, sunshine and showers and the occasional icy morning.

A couple of weeks ago, I took a long overdue trip to one of my favourite places, Glastonbury. As you can see from the beautiful picture above, it was a glorious, very warm and sunny spring day.

Today it is not so warm, as we awakened to a frosty start and as I type, the forecast of more spring showers and sunshine.

The weather could be described similarly to the influx of constantly shifting energies that are buffeting us from all angles and sides. This year has seen constant flux and change within each of us, as we have had to dig deep into our hearts and move through our own issues with incredible grace and love.

Of course, there can be no other way, for now we truly know that the cause and effect is ours to totally own. We know responsibility lies solely with ourselves. In fact, we are fast recognising that unless we question our inner beliefs, programming and psyche no positive progress will be made until we do. Or, alternatively, the same pattern, problem or issues continue to come to the fore, until finally we surrender and listen to our inner language of love.

How can you love yourself more today? Is there something that you are continuing to avoid, a thought that keeps popping up? A feeling that you are ignoring?

I like to acknowledge that thought or feeling. I talk to it as if it has a message or meaning for me. I am open to receive whatever answer may arise. If it is a feeling, I stop and acknowledge it, allow myself to feel it.

If it is a thought, I ask it “what is the positive thing you are doing for me”. It takes a moment to acknowledge what your inner self wishes to discuss with you. Give it credit and allow whatever comes up to be heard or felt. There is a saying “meet the universe half way”.


I usually offer a couple of new courses or groups each year. This year, I am really excited to be starting in May with the Divine Awakening Course. This is an 8 week course and there are two groups, a daytime group between 10.00am – 12.00 midday and an evening group 7.30pm – 9.30pm. For details please contact me.

I have wanted to run this course for a number of years and realised that people were not quite ready for the changes that this course would bring. Now is the time and if you feel drawn to this course, you will know and feel the calling.

Other the next few months, we will look at our inner patterning and conditioning that has formed the person we have become today. For many of us, we still have the urgency and need to throw off, negative patterning and beliefs that limit us from being totally open and authentic.

Authenticity; the quality of being real or true.

You can find the details via the links below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Divine Awakening Course


If you visit my website, you can sign up for my newsletter see upcoming events and testimonials from people who have taken the courses at www.jessicawoods.co.uk


Book a reading during the month of May and receive a whopping discount, bringing the price of a one hour reading to £35 instead of the usual £45 (including mp3 recording).

Contact Jessica 07825 269628 or email: jessicayourdestiny@gmail.com


Energy Update

Many of you may have been feeling or sensing a real, positive shift in the way you think, the way you are dealing with situations, people and events.

This is a time of great healing and those who are asking are lapping up the new vibrant energies that are pouring into us and our dimension at this time.

That doesn’t mean to say everything is spiffing and going really well on a practical, material level. In fact, it can mean that day-to-day things are a little squiffy and downright challenging!

Nevertheless, you can most likely feel, a change in the way you are viewing the situations, events and people in your life. Perhaps, with a more discerning eye. You may also find that some relationships will come to an end, and you will feel like you can breathe again, or for the first time. Most importantly the relationship with yourself if changing rapidly!

Sending love and compassion to those who leave your life, enables you to move forward and attract people who ‘fit’ the new you. There is so much more fun to be had. There’s never been a better time than now.

Remember that you do not have to make the ‘other person’ wrong. You are not right either. It is just one of life’s natural transitions that happen. You wouldn’t always want to wear the same pair of shoes you had from years ago. Yes, they’ve served you well, yes, they have been comfortable, but there is nothing like a new pair of gorgeous shoes is there?

Maybe you are finding you are communicating with more clarity, getting your message across with a calmer, more understanding approach. Expect more of this this year.

Some of you will be working through physical problems that are lingering, as you clear old beliefs, old patterns from your energy systems. Know that you will come through it with a renewed sense of purpose, a stronger mind and a healthier body.

Talking of purpose, this year will bring many changes, some expected, some totally unexpected. It may seem as if they have ‘come out of the blue’. Most likely though, they may have been brewing beneath the surface for some time.

This is a year of completion. A year of finishing up ‘old’ ways, habits and giving yourself the gift of stepping into a new, forever changing You.

How quickly you accept the forgoing changes will depend on your ability to be aware of your inner self. How well are you listening to your Soul, your inner guidance?

One thing for sure. Nothing lasts forever. Nor would you want it too, not really. As creatures of habit, we humans cling to the traditions and values we have grown so accustomed to. We think that change can be difficult and hard. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your willingness to let go and, as my mother always said “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” Quote: Reinhold Niebuhr.

May 2016 bring you all of these things and so much more.

I look forward to sharing some special moments with each and every one of you in person, in thought, in Divine love.

Jessica xx

What’s Happening 2016?


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Psychic Parties

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Please follow the link below for more information and bookings or use the contact form on the website.


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Various Dates for 2016/17 (please contact Jessica for dates)

El Molino Del Rio Hotel, Benablon, Caravaca de la Cruz, 30410, Murcia, Spain

Join Jessica for a very special four day retreat with yoga in rural Spain. The workshop will connect and open your heart to living more fully in the presence of your Divine Self.

When we truly understand and connect with our true and natural essence, our inner being, we experience the ecstatic joy of living in this physical reality. This retreat is aimed at getting you out of your mind and be-coming at one with your true divine self. This retreat will offer you the ultimate mind, body, soul experience. From start to finish you will have the opportunity to relax, be inspired and energised through meditation, yoga, connection to nature and the group – ‘Awakened not stirred’. You will leave the retreat with an open heart and with a deeper understanding and awareness of your Divine path that lies ahead.

Illuminated Heart Agenda

- Friday – arrive late morning/early afternoon (please book early morning flights from UK) A light lunch will be served with plenty of time to unpack and settle into your room. 4pm we will start the retreat with an opening meditation and initiation ceremony in which we will connect with our own deep inner silence. After introductions you will then have a couple of hours to yourself and time to prepare for evening dinner. Dinner will be served around 8pm and be relaxed and informal. If you have any allergies or food preferences, please inform the hotel upon arrival, who will cater for your every need.

- Saturday – morning yoga with Carmen Alvarez Sandoval http://www.healthandcultureholidays.com/ followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Sunday  -  morning yoga with Carmen followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Monday –  morning yoga with Carmen followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Tuesday  –  Breakfast. Morning walk to local area of beauty. Group meditation and closing ceremony, saying goodbyes. Lunch. Taxi for airport departure.

Note: There will be an opportunity to visit the local town of Caravaca de a Cruz (which is the 5th most holy city in the world) and also visit local historic sites etc in your spare time.

Extra hotel reservations: If you would like to stay in Spain for a few days before or after the retreat, we’d be happy to discuss hotel reservations or send you details of other suggested places to visit, including the underground spring and natural spa town of Archena and hotels we work with.

Jessica Woods

Jessica works with individuals to help them overcome a whole host of challenges. She started counselling back in the late 80s, and later qualified and practiced as an NLP Master Practitioner. She has since developed her own therapy technique called FreeFall™ Therapy. As a young child she was highly intuitive, and has since used her psychic gifts to help and enable others to access their own natural state of wellness and personal power.
Jessica is the founder of FreeFall Therapy™ a unique self-healing process which quickly accesses the hidden unconscious aspects of your inner Self. Jessica runs innovative, transformational workshops and seminars. Alongside she continues her private practice giving Divine Intuitive readings, energy alignments and FreeFall consultations. Jessica is passionate about empowering people to become conscious, effective agents of change, in an ever unfolding, expanding and changing universe.

Readings can be booked with Jessica at the special retreat price of £35 per intuitive reading. Please contact Jessica if you would like to make a booking.

Carmen Alvarez Sandoval

Carmen Alvarez Sandoval is an experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher who has been practicing with clients for many years. Carmen has this to say about the retreat.  “The purpose of my session is the participants feel relaxed and awake, more connected with the body and energized. Sometimes we feel disconnected from our bodies or reject or fight against some aspect of ourselves, including our body (because nothing exists outside of it and everything happens within it).

Even sometimes it may seem that our body is our worst enemy. If we want to improve our lives, we need to improve the relationship we have with our body. This we will achieve through body-mind work dialogue, energy breathing, position, stability, balance, joint elasticity and drop-relaxation. We will use different types of techniques from: Psichology, Breathing techniques, Stretching, Chi-Kung, Meditation and Yoga Asanas”.


You will be staying in a very special rural retreat in the Spanish countryside. Hotel El Molino del Rio is an old restored XVI century mill and is situated in the Argos River Canyon. This unique small, friendly hotel has beautiful bedroom/apartments complete with log burners, lounge areas, separate bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms (air conditioning). The setting is stunning and the grounds include a swimming pool, outside dining areas, walks along the river and surrounding countryside.  The charming restaurant serves creative dishes inspired from the region of Northwest Murcia, Mediterranean and Andalusia.  The kitchen cuisine is freshly prepared on the premises and reflects the tradition and enhances the flavours of the land. All meals and accommodation are included in the price including, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetarian and vegan are a speciality at El Molino. You are in for a treat J Please note that refreshments/drinks are not included and can be paid on departure from the hotel. Coffee/tea is included at mealtimes. For more details: http://www.molinodelrio.com/INGLES/IQUESEL.HTM

Travel Arrangements

Please note flights and transfers are not included. Example return flight from Bournemouth to San Javier, Murcia is approximately £145 with Ryanair & £180 with EasyJet from Gatwick (via www.skyscanner.com). Return transfers approximately £35 – £45 per person. Return flights are early evening back to the UK.

Transfers will be confirmed and arranged on your behalf as soon as you have confirmed your flight details.

Deposit and Payment

Retreat Fee £595.00. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required at time of booking.  Please contact Jessica for payment details.

Please note accommodation, all meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner and all workshop materials are included.

Please complete the booking form below and return ASAP.

Booking Form











Be well  J

Love and brightest light

Jessica x

T: 01202 488838  /   07825 269628

Email:  jessicayourdestiny@gmail.com