Stop and Remember

Stop at the end of this and everyday and take a few minutes to remember everything that has touched your heart throughout the day. Anything that made you smile, a gentle word spoken, the connection with a stranger, the whisper on the breeze, the smell of a fragrant flower, the taste of something delicious and new, the touch and feel of someone you love. This is living and then re-living every single magical moment.

Every single moment through our senses we are vibrantly and intensely creating, exploring and being.

Stop and do this now, what has made you feel good already today? Get into the moment, live it, replay it and how good it makes you feel. Don’t wait for your lunch break, or when your alone, or when you get a minute to yourself, share your joy its contagious others will wonder why you’re so happy, why your always smiling inwardly and outwardly and you will know its all those precious moments expressing themselves through you. As conscious creators, as living libraries what page are you sharing with the rest of us?
Love and joyous blessings
Jessica Woods

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