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Welcome to Summer 2015 Newsletter

What an interesting time we’ve all been having! The constant renewal of life and death escapes none of us, as in fact, we are being gently or otherwise, pushed and pulled beyond our comfort zones right now with so many changes taking place in our world, or in our own realities.

How many people are living a life free from addictions, (in that I mean) free from worry, fear, anxiety, unease, nervousness, dread, tension or phobias? Are you someone who is living in the moment, taking each step as it comes, living a full joyous and loving life? If you are, then welcome to a new world, a world that some call the 5th Dimension or what is known as the awakening of humanity, the new dawn, the shift of the ages. What will it take for humanity to reach this next stage of human evolution? It is talked about, has been prophesised. It is long overdue and most definitely desired. Everyone wants it (consciously or otherwise) and don’t we all work so hard in trying to get it! We read the right books, go to the workshops, sit in meditation, dance, sing, play, work hard, pray and still, how do we know when we have achieved the level of mastery we call enlightenment?

You will know when you have achieved that state of enlightenment for you will no longer need to ask. You will feel connected to something greater, in every moment, you will welcome the next moment and the next and so on. You will feel the exquisiteness of living in the now and whatever that may bring. You know that whatever comes next is welcome, as another experience in your current state of reality. There is no fear. There is just openness and acceptance for what is. You will allow yourself to be present to whatever arises outside of yourself, knowing that its purpose is pure awareness and was created from your inner awareness of self.

It does indeed take a great deal of practice to let go of old beliefs, patterns and habits that have continued to dominate your thinking. The ego mind is efficient at its job – that of controlling and keeping you trapped in fear. It does a brilliant job of running your life and it doesn’t want to let go – its biggest fear annihilation. And yet, it is time for you to change the way you think. There is nothing to fear, there never was, it was always an illusion. Such a good illusion it has been, you have identified with it and believed that it is you. This is not so, you are not your ego mind. You are a wonderful, creative, free, loving being, who came to earth to remember this and so much more. As a Collective, we have been doing this for such a long, long time, lifetime after lifetime and enough is enough. The time for change is NOW. There is only now, this is another illusion that you believe, that time exists. What if you now chose to believe that there is only now. How would your life be different if you believed in nothing but now? Would you still continue to do some of the things you have been doing. If you knew you had all the time you needed, how would you spend your ‘time’. I bet you would slow down. I guarantee you would feel freer. I imagine you would feel more peace, less stress and anxiety. Your life would become easier. Like a weight that has been lifted.

Why don’t you start now by imagining there is only now, and now, and now. Breathe deeply, relax. Give yourself permission to experience this moment, right now. If your mind starts wondering off and thinking about the next thing you’ve got to do. Let that thought go. Become the observer of those thought(s) Give yourself permission to just be.  Practice this regularly throughout the day. Be patient with yourself. Notice what you notice as you take more time for yourself, to connect to the essence of this moment. Just stop for a moment now. Breathe, relax, and just be. STOP.

It can be helpful to set an alarm (whilst you are practicing) to go off every 30 minutes throughout the day. When the alarm goes off, stop and just become aware of your own energy field around you. Imagine you have an invisible energy shield around you and there is nothing but YOU. Just allow those thoughts that arise to be. Notice what you notice. Have the timer set for 3/5 minutes later when you will return to the next moment. As you practice this you will not need the alarm for long. You will naturally find you look forward to the moments of inner stillness. You will easily find the peace your desire and eagerly look forward to being more and more in the present moment. Your world will begin to change beyond recognition. You will have increased psychic abilities; you will find things that ruffled your feathers no longer have the same negative pull. You will be more open and aware of what is coming and your ability to handle difficult situations will increase, as you let go and stay present. You will know something greater than your human self is running the show.

Being the Change

So how do you change the way you think and behave, in order for new ways that support the evolutionary shift that we as humanity are going through?

Watch your thoughts. Do you like what you are thinking about? Because the ego mind has been in control for so long, it habitually runs thoughts and programmes that do not support your new thinking. Become aware of the thoughts you think. Learn to question those thoughts. A wonderful exercise I use is to put up my hand and say STOP (out loud if I can) if the thought I am thinking doesn’t feel very nice, or is negative in anyway. How many times each day do you have negative thoughts that seem to randomly come and go, about yourself, or other people? Many thoughts no doubt, even if you don’t want to admit it (ego feeling threatened.) When you put up your hand and consciously stop those thoughts, you are creating a new pathway of awareness and an opening to changing your perception. In that moment, identify what thoughts you were having ie. become aware of the thoughts as if you are an observer and then ask yourself “what is the opposite of that thought?” Example; “I’m not good enough” becomes, “I am good enough”. You are looking for the opposite of the negative statement that was running through your head and in control. You are putting yourself in the driving seat and, like learning to drive, it takes time to get into the swing of the being the driver.

You can look at it in another way. Your ego mind is your friend. It is helping you to do something. It is helping you to stop the negative mind chatter that endlessly goes on pretty much most of the day (unless you are already enlightened) It is there to remind you of what you do not want. Every time you have a negative thought, your ego is helping you and reminding you of what you do not want. Give thanks to your ego and gently remind it that you are now choosing another thought to think. Use it as an opportunity to think a positive, life-enhancing new thought, instead of the old conditioned response from your primal mind.  Like all things, it will take practice and you can do it. Meditation helps to get you out of your mind, so find time daily (a few minutes will do) to leave the world of conscious programmed thought and release into the inner stillness of your unconscious world. Remember to set that clock.

My Life Work

I love my lives’ work, I have been helping people transform their lives for many, many years and feel passionately about doing so. I have been running courses and workshops in addition to one-to-one readings and consultations and energy healing sessions. I believe we all have a part to play, no matter how big or small that may appear to be. Without you this world would be at a loss. It takes all of us, every single one of us, to open up to healing our wounds, our conditioning, our past, and transform globally and consciously into a new paradigm.

FreeFall Therapy

Some of you may know that I developed FreeFall Therapy a few years ago. I developed it intuitively when working with a friend and from years of work experience with clients in my NLP, intuitive and counselling practice. I feel it is a gift to be of service to humanity and assist those who are asking to move beyond limitations, from this or past life time (unconscious memories).

FreeFall Therapy is all about our unconscious programming. As we enter into our physical bodies, we are constantly absorbing thought patterns and programming from the people, societies, cultures, religions and the world around us. Our inner world is made up from all of these external conditions, behavioural programmes, patterns and experiences that make us who we are.  What transpires is the you that the world sees and knows today. Who you are underneath all that conditioning is not always what you show to the outer world. We all put on acts of confidence or bravado, we all say things we don’t mean, we all want to be liked and loved, or both. We create and attract experiences, good and bad, that make up the world as we know it.  We think we don’t have any control over what happens to us most of the time and it’s this lose thinking that gets us into trouble, as we run on what I like to call default. (when we’re letting the unconscious programming create our next experience through the thoughts we think and belief systems we adopt.)

FreeFall Therapy, gently identifies the underlying causes of your negative programming, your re-action to the world as your know and perceive it, which manifests itself as your personality, your likes and dislikes, the way you act and speak, whether you are a breaker or maker of rules, a lover or a hater. There is no hiding with FreeFall. I remember when the name came to me. I ‘tested’ it on a few people and some of them said it was a bit foreboding, it sounded a bit scary. Well, I guess if your ego has anything to do with it, it would say that. FreeFall, goes right into your inner subconscious mind and perceives what is truth from the perspective of your higher self. You see, sense or feel an awareness of something much greater than yourself in comparison to your personality self. With this new awareness, you free yourself from the restrictions of the egoist self and find liberation and freedom.

Case studies

I am currently looking for a number of people who have a range of problems or symptoms that would be prepared to assist me with information for the new book I am writing. I am offering a free FreeFall session and follow-up session, for the first 6 people who contact me, in exchange for a case study that I may use as information in the book. If you would like to participate, please contact me for full details.

Energy Since the Full (Blue) Moon 31st July

An energetic shift has taken place. You should be feeling lighter, more optimistic, even if you don’t know what about. Spirit are working in BIG ways to help us to shift our awareness and stay positive as we take the next steps of change. You may be extremely aware of spiritual guidance. This may transpire as being more aware and sensitive to your Guide, Angels, Masters, or loved ones who have passed into spirit. You may be experiencing more vivid dreams with personal direction. You are opening more and more to your own inner world, your own sense of personal presence and awareness. You will be letting go of old friends, relationships that no longer serve who you are becoming. You will feel peace in doing so. You may not always have a clear perspective of understanding of what is happening consciously, but you may feel more supportive energy driving and guiding you.

You may feel like joining a new group, supporting a charity close to your heart. Your heart centre is opening and you are feeling more compassionate and loving towards your fellow humans. You will no longer put up and shut up. You’ll find yourself speaking up or being quiet and no longer participating in anything that just doesn’t feel right. Those projects will now get completed as you find the energy to see them through. A deepening sensitivity to the cruelty of animals and people, resulting in the way you think, feel, act and what you eat will ensue. Do not fear your awakening sensitivity. It is the fuel to continue to raise your awareness and open your heart centre, in order to bring balance and harmony for all who share this earth including all sentient beings.

If something feels “off”, then it is. Trust that it isn’t right for you and who you are becoming and speak up or move on. Do not be afraid of your own voice. It is okay for you to express and validate your values or truth. You are not your past, there is only now. Humans were suppressed and killed throughout history for voicing their preferences and opinions. That was then and this is now. Now is not the time to hide, you didn’t come here to play small. The Universe is totally supporting you now to make positive changes and honour yourself. Be strong, courageous and you will build strong foundations for a joyful and loving state of being and future self. You will then begin to attract other people, situations and events that totally support your new level of thinking and awareness. You will feel attracted to and drawn to others who mirror your current state of reality. Do not try to hold onto anything. Life was designed to constantly and continuously change and transform. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

What’s Happening this summer and beyond:


Anyone booking a reading during the month of August can now receive an extra special discount, bringing the price of a one hour reading to £35 instead of the usual £45 (including mp3 recording).

Contact Jessica 07825 269628 or email:


FreeFall Therapy on Gift of Healing TV

This is to let you know that I am sharing a Meditation on Gift of Healing TV on Wednesday 2nd September at 7.30pm BST; I hope you will be able to join us.

REGISTER HERE to join the live broadcast and even if you can’t watch us live if you have registered you will receive a link to the replay.

What is the Gift of Healing TV?

It is a weekly, live, interactive, on-line program hosted by Sara Jane the Master of Voice and Sound Energy.

Sara has guests from all over the globe sharing information and demonstrations about many different techniques, practises and therapies; they also share Meditations and Exercises.

You can learn more about Gift of Healing TV at their website:


REGISTER NOW for My Show and please feel free to share this with friends and family.


Light Body Course

You may be aware that earlier this year I was offering a place on the awesome DaBen and Orin Awakening your Light Body Course. Due to popular demand I am now running another course starting on the 19th August.  For full details please click on the link below, which will take you to the Facebook event. Please note there are limited places available. Please ask for daytime course availability.

Psychic Parties

For that special event why not host a psychic party. Birthday, hen parties, or a night with your friends, whatever the occasion Jessica Woods has teamed up with Lisa Elmore to offer you a fun, evening of intuitive readings including foot readings and reflexology treatments. Treat yourself to a fun and unique evening with those you love.

Please follow the link below for more information and bookings or use the contact form on the website.





Friday 11th – Tuesday 15th September 2015 & Dates tbc in October & Spring 2016 (please contact Jessica for dates)


El Molino Del Rio Hotel, Benablon, Caravaca de la Cruz, 30410, Murcia, Spain


Join Jessica for a very special four day retreat with yoga in rural Spain. The workshop will connect and open your heart to living more fully in the presence of your Divine Self.

When we truly understand and connect with our true and natural essence, our inner being, we experience the ecstatic joy of living in this physical reality. This retreat is aimed at getting you out of your mind and be-coming at one with your true divine self. This retreat will offer you the ultimate mind, body, soul experience. From start to finish you will have the opportunity to relax, be inspired and energised through meditation, yoga, connection to nature and the group – ‘Awakened not stirred’. You will leave the retreat with an open heart and with a deeper understanding and awareness of your Divine path that lies ahead.

Illuminated Heart Agenda

- Friday 11tharrive late morning/early afternoon (please book early morning flights from UK) A light lunch will be served with plenty of time to unpack and settle into your room. 4pm we will start the retreat with an opening meditation and initiation ceremony in which we will connect with our own deep inner silence. After introductions you will then have a couple of hours to yourself and time to prepare for evening dinner. Dinner will be served around 8pm and be relaxed and informal. If you have any allergies or food preferences, please inform the hotel upon arrival, who will cater for your every need.

- Saturday 12thmorning yoga with Carmen Alvarez Sandoval followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Sunday 13th -  morning yoga with Carmen followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Monday 14th –  morning yoga with Carmen followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Tuesday 15th –  Breakfast. Morning walk to local area of beauty. Group meditation and closing ceremony, saying goodbyes. Lunch. Taxi for airport departure.

Note: There will be an opportunity to visit the local town of Caravaca de a Cruz (which is the 5th most holy city in the world) and also visit local historic sites etc in your spare time.

Extra hotel reservations: If you would like to stay in Spain for a few days before or after the retreat, we’d be happy to discuss hotel reservations or send you details of other suggested places to visit, including the underground spring and natural spa town of Archena and hotels we work with.


Jessica Woods

Jessica works with individuals to help them overcome a whole host of challenges. She started counselling back in the late 80s, and later qualified and practiced as an NLP Master Practitioner. She has since developed her own therapy technique called FreeFall™ Therapy. As a young child she was highly intuitive, and has since used her psychic gifts to help and enable others to access their own natural state of wellness and personal power.
Jessica is the founder of FreeFall Therapy™ a unique self-healing process which quickly accesses the hidden unconscious aspects of your inner Self. Jessica runs innovative, transformational workshops and seminars. Alongside she continues her private practice giving Divine Intuitive readings, energy alignments and FreeFall consultations. Jessica is passionate about empowering people to become conscious, effective agents of change, in an ever unfolding, expanding and changing universe.

Readings can be booked with Jessica at the special retreat price of £35 per intuitive reading. Please contact Jessica if you would like to make a booking.


Carmen Alvarez Sandoval

Carmen Alvarez Sandoval is an experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher who has been practicing with clients for many years. Carmen has this to say about the retreat.  “The purpose of my session is the participants feel relaxed and awake, more connected with the body and energized. Sometimes we feel disconnected from our bodies or reject or fight against some aspect of ourselves, including our body (because nothing exists outside of it and everything happens within it).

Even sometimes it may seem that our body is our worst enemy. If we want to improve our lives, we need to improve the relationship we have with our body. This we will achieve through body-mind work dialogue, energy breathing, position, stability, balance, joint elasticity and drop-relaxation. We will use different types of techniques from: Psichology, Breathing techniques, Stretching, Chi-Kung, Meditation and Yoga Asanas”.


You will be staying in a very special rural retreat in the Spanish countryside. Hotel El Molino del Rio is an old restored XVI century mill and is situated in the Argos River Canyon. This unique small, friendly hotel has beautiful bedroom/apartments complete with log burners, lounge areas, separate bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms (air conditioning). The setting is stunning and the grounds include a swimming pool, outside dining areas, walks along the river and surrounding countryside.  The charming restaurant serves creative dishes inspired from the region of Northwest Murcia, Mediterranean and Andalusia.  The kitchen cuisine is freshly prepared on the premises and reflects the tradition and enhances the flavours of the land. All meals and accommodation are included in the price including, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetarian and vegan are a speciality at El Molino. You are in for a treat J Please note that refreshments/drinks are not included and can be paid on departure from the hotel. Coffee/tea is included at mealtimes. For more details:


Travel Arrangements

Please note flights and transfers are not included. Example return flight from Bournemouth to San Javier, Murcia is approximately £145 with Ryanair & £180 with EasyJet from Gatwick (via Return transfers approximately £35 – £45 per person. Return flights are early evening back to the UK.

Transfers will be confirmed and arranged on your behalf as soon as you have confirmed your flight details. Please book your flights asap to guarantee your return seat. If you need any help, please let me know.

Deposit and Payment

Early bird price £555 payable before 1st August 2015. After 1st August £595.00. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required at time of booking.  Please contact Jessica for payment details.

Please note accommodation, all meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner and all workshop materials are included.

Please complete the booking form below and return asap.



Booking Form












Note: there are other dates available in October and Spring 2016 for this retreat. Please contact Jessica for details J

Be well and enjoy the summer.

Love and brightest light

Jessica x

T: 01202 488838  /   07825 269628