Summer Newsletter 2018


June Glorious June!

Welcome to the exuberant and joyful month of June. We can all breathe a sigh of delightful relief as we enter this exciting new month. 

It’s time to live it up and have fun after the intensity of the first months of 2018.

Energy Report
The Universe Believes You Are Deserving Of A Spiritual Gift 

Expected the unexpected as there is going to be an onslaught of positive energy, bringing big changes your way. Some of you may already be undergoing this and many more are set to open to receive big changes that are coming your way. You are about to receive an automatic spiritual update that is coming in through waves of collective communication.

If you can imagine a huge cosmic wave of sparkly dust (it’s not really dust) which has exactly what you have asked for within it, spreading out until it reaches you. You inhale it, taste it, see it and feel it and you recognise it, even if it is on some indefinable level!

Most energy is processed without your conscious awareness. On this occasion, you will be aware if you are present, to have enough stillness of mind to recognise it. You are becoming more aware and that is a part of the gift.

This communication is programmed to deliver your exact needs. This will mean you must be open to receive. No lying or denying who you are. Some people play it small and think that by receiving they are in some way weak. This is not true. The opposite is true, it takes great courage and strength to receive and be willing to ask.

If you are open to receive, your heart will be filled immeasurably, wholly and completely as you become aligned with all that you desire. The desire may be big or small, something you have waited lifetimes for, or something unique to you, a feeling never fully felt before perhaps.

This is a pinnacle moment in time. Pre-ordained, pre-destined and written in the stars. A gift will be given to all.

‘I’m being shown babies arriving for those who have been waiting, I’m seeing love being given to those who had no hope, I’m seeing the arrival of material things that one has dreamed of and knew would arrive if they had faith and hope. For some, it may be a chance meeting that will prove significant to their unfolding life path. Your gift may be a piece of guidance, an inner knowing that changes your outlook permanently. Your gift may be an amazing opportunity that comes out of the blue.’

Everyone will receive a gift. It’s like having Christmas or a birthday, only this time, your higher self, is sending it to you. Something special. Yours to cherish, yours to own.

This gift will remain closed to those who are not ready to receive it yet. It does not mean they will miss out, it just means it will be given in time. For those who are ready, there is nothing to do, except be willing to accept it.

If you have doubt, or fear, centre your awareness in this moment in time. Breathe, relax, you are safe. You are here, you are where you belong, at exactly the right time. Nothing is wrong. You are doing a fantastic job. All is in process. In this moment, there is just the peace and comfort of the eternal now. Rest. Trust. Be nourished.


“Universe, Divine Self, I am ready and willing to receive my divine gift. I accept this opportunity, I am fully awake, my heart is open to receive that which I have pre-intended for myself, right here, right now. There is so much goodness and so many gifts for me now.

I give grateful thanks for all that I am ready to receive. I give unconditional love to all those who are also ready and willing to receive and bless them with divine grace and love.  May all beings receive their full divine inheritance fully and completely. Through my own free will, so be it.”

Love and joyful blessings

Jessica x

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