Going into the Free Fall Therapy I was not sure what to expect but I knew it was something that would benefit me especially since I’ve had some sessions with Jessica prior that were very helpful to me in several aspects of my life.

I had some deep core issues surface that were bothering me in which I was self-medicating with overeating, alcohol and other self-indulgent stuff. I was having issues with my finances, not happy with social, romantic and work relationships. I was pretty much at an all-time low and not really sure how this free fall therapy could possibly help me out of the hole I was in.

The process itself for me was simple and pure. Jessica’s process was pure and simple. It’s hard to put in words. I did my session the first week of April, slowly I started seeing changes…they were subtle. I saw the changes within the first week as I went about my days but as the weeks past and was time to have my follow up sessions and in talking with Jessica – I started to forget and become distant with the issues that had been causing me deep pain for several years.

At this point, I have addressed and have experienced a full 180-degree turn as a result of the Free Fall Therapy. Its almost as if these deep core issues that caused such havoc in my past life never happened. I am much lighter, happier and consequently, my finances have improved as well as my self-love.


JM, Vegas, USA

Just a quick email to say thank you. You have made me realise my real potential and that everything will be ok as long as you

believe in yourself and trust yourself. You truly are gifted, thank you for sharing that gift with others 

P xx Bournemouth (June 2018)

I loved talking to you this week! You are always just bang on!

K. Canada (June 2018)

Thank you for your part in healing me and connecting me to my higher self, there’s been so much progress since I last saw you the meld is nearly complete.
The emptiness I used to feel inside me has gone as I focus on the energy points across my body and fill them with love and light.
My whole life has turned around.
Everything is so much easier for me now in everything I do, my life feels softer and gentle on my spirit and it feels as I’m not pushing a boulder up a hill anymore, I see the beauty in everything everywhere I go and I feel the touch of the creator always pushing me in the right direction .
I feel a natural healing process every time I enter the forest as guides angels surround me I feel their presence there the most.
I’ve been trying to send you the information through spirit that I’ve been experiencing. 
I have a lot more to learn but I took your advice in just relaxing and it’s all coming to me really fast.
I’m so happy Jessica this is where I’ve always meant to be I always knew it deep down but before I was surrounded by darkness so believed that was the way it was meant to be.
All I see now is love and light and by turning on my light the darkness disappears as darkness is passive and light is active the same as when you enter a dark room and turn the light switch the darkness cannot be.
Thank you so much for your help and I will visit you again soon to share some more light.
Kind blessings Will, Southampton (May 2018)

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Happy to share with the world the wonderful impact you have had on my life.

This morning I went back and listened to our last session together.

It was AMAZING.  You worked so hard and did so much clearing for me and heightened

my awareness so much.  “Thank You” very much for all of that.  You are a very dear

gift in my life.  I am filled with gratitude to have you as a friend and wonderful resource.

I really appreciate your love, integrity and dedication to your passion of helping others.

I’m extremely excited for our next session.

Denny, Iowa, USA (April 2018)


Hi Jessica

I hope all is well with you? I came to see you late last year and just wanted to let you know that I am finally expecting a baby! I’m so grateful to you for your reading and guidance, it was such a support to me and gave me such reassurance that everything would be okay.

You said that January would be significant, and we indeed conceived that month!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you-you have such a gift and I’m so grateful to have met you. I know I will be booking to see you again in the future, as I found it such an incredible experience.

So thank you so much again and wishing you all the best

Caroline, Bournemouth  (April 2018) xx



Thank you, dear Jessica.

You have been the voice of a long calling.
Please let me know if there is somewhere I can share my appreciation and journey.
I’m happy to share.
Much love,
And p.s. And thank you for the 2nd card that was just the icing on the cake! Especially about my child.
Really hit home, well all of it did.
Bless u xx

Thank-you very much for sending my replay – I’ve downloaded it and already listened to it once . It’s so spot on

and insightful and brought many healing tears . 

With much Love, 


Thank you for the MP3 file, and for the truly remarkable session today! Everything that came through was directly on point, and gave me both a lot to process and a lot to be grateful/hopeful for. Thank you for the gift of your sacred service. I do think I would like another session with you, once this one integrates. I’ll be in touch – much love!

Chris, California (March 2018)

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Hello. I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for the reading yesterday and the enormous help you gave me. You really really really helped get me right where I needed to be to take care of myself and I am just so very grateful. Thank you so much for your time and the guidance. Big hugs!
Summer, Vegas USA (February 2018)

“I just want to say thank you again for the amazing session. I’ve got the recording and it is brilliant.  There is so much in it that is ‘spot on’ and each time I listen I get more from it.

Thank you again for sharing your gift with me.”
Lorna, Ireland xx

“Just wanted to say a big thank you again for all your hard work yesterday, I feel absolutely wonderful. I feel like I have purged a lot of negativity I’ve been carrying around for years, and for that, I am truly grateful. I’m positive that as the days and weeks go by, it will only get better and better. Mum has also noticed an immediate change in me too.

You are an amazing and powerful lady Jessica, and I anticipate working with you again in the near future. Also, thank you for the recording, I will download it before it expires.”

Lots of Love, God bless,
Anne, Essex
Hope you’re doing well.
I just wanted to thank you again after meeting with you 2 weeks ago. I found the whole experience to be
so uplifting and positive…you are remarkable.
Have a lovely week!
Wendy, UK
“I just want to say thank you so much for the amazing reading you gave me today! I was completely floored and blown away by everything you said and all the confirmations that came through that I needed to hear. I also have to apologize if you got offended in any way when I would laugh or giggle during the reading. It’s because you were so spot on its incredible!
Your reading put me completely at ease and gave me full reassurance that I am on the right path. When you brought up Disneyland I laughed so hard because I’ve been bugging my husband to go there. I feel so much better now, thank you for the wonderful healing.  You truly are wonderful and amazing with such a beautiful, bright uplifting energy. I will refer all my friends to you.”
Cherisse, USA

Feedback after an Energy Healing Session:

“So I’m very pleased to report back:

I’ve had no unexplained headaches at the end of the day, at all.

My back is an awful lot better.

And the thoughts I kept having, and bad dreams about sickness have stopped too.

Thank you so much”

Sam, Poole xxxx


Hello Jessica,

It was a pleasure meeting you. I really need to thank you for the amazingly accurate reading you gave me.
I completely feel at peace, and know what I have to do now to move forward now.

I cannot thank you enough, my heart is filled with complete joy, I now know my angel girl is fine, and what our mission is together and our future work together brings me peace.

I truly believe that my daughter led me to you, the love and connection I felt with you was amazing and I’m sure that this will not be the only time we speak. You are part of my soul family now, and if there’s anything I can do to repay you for the gift you gave to me today, please let me know…

Much love and light coming your way from both my daughter and I.

Sandy, USA xxx


Dearest Jessica

I am beyond grateful for your reading and healing last Friday. You have managed to bring a new wave of inspiration, higher vibrational living and new consciously infused thoughts and feelings of greater love and light. I’m awed by your style of reading, by concentrating on the healing aspect first, to clear any old lower vibrational feelings or blockages which are sabotaging our path to our life purpose, soul growth and happiness.

Through your reading and healing, you showered me with a new Angelic light, a new transformation that is impacting every aspect of my life, including health, relationships and finances. I wanted to make sure that the new freedom and joyfulness that I was experiencing was not a temporary one, as I had experience with past healers, thus, the reason for waiting three days.

I am confirming that healing is occurring right now.
I am blessed and appreciative of our mutual friend for introducing us. These are wondrous time of healing and positive transformation. I loved all the wisdom and messages that came through particularly the image of the children being locked up since the beginning of time, which is a representation of the gifts and talents that I have been hiding from the universe. Thank you for bringing forth some truths, gifts, creativity and my powerful new voice that I have been withholding for half of my life. I consider that to be a miraculous discovery. Again, thank you!

You made me realize that I have been working extremely hard in a very stressful manner, not sustainable for human form as that was a generation transmission from my Mom and Grandmama. Definitely, agree and confirm that everything that has happened in this lifetime presents us with a new opportunity to experience greater bonds of love. As you well know, it does take a few teardrops to become a master.

Thank you for the angelic reading, thank you for your brilliance and pure connection with our Divine helpers,  your positive disposition and soothing voice transports straight into my heart along with your loving words and your healing gifts. You are a blessing in my life! You are inspirational! You are Love!

I am looking forward to connecting with you very soon. Have a glorious evening!
Angel Blessings,
Caroline, USA
PS: Thanks for the recording.
“I am so happy to have followed the intuition to have a reading with you! It was a delight. Not just because the content was so heartening but because of the spirit in which it was done was wonderful and healing. THANK YOU!”With my appreciation, K. Paris, France
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Jessica helped me to see the wood through the trees and realize that there were changes in my life that needed to be made. She put my life in perspective and helped me to accept and understand who I am and where I’m going. Most of all, she changed the way in which I think about my life and others around me. I would highly recommend her.


Nathalie, Bournemouth
‘Jessica’s reading was exactly what I needed to hear and her light has helped make sense of my current
circumstances as well as illuminate my future and my heart. I encourage my friends to see her and I would
thoroughly recommend for you to see her too.
Thank you so much, Jessica!’
Laura. Bali xxxx
Thank you so much again for the reading, this is going to give me lots of power.
I have been asking myself and the universe to tell me what is more into life and what I am
missing here for years and finally, I got my answer.
This is setting me up to a different life, new way of thinking and being.
Life is NOW.
A.T. London
Absent Reading July 2015
Once again thank you so much for the reading, it was so ‘spot on’ and really helpful in a practical and grounded way!
I recognised a lot of what you were saying in things that I have started to do to bring in that relationship, but was starting to lose patience! You really picked up on just how tired I’ve been feeling this week too – and I’m glad you confirmed it was because of spiritual changes. I’ve felt this way before – it’s beyond a physical tiredness it’s a weird sort of dreamy fog (though I feel much better this morning). After I listened to your reading I felt my energy change – and my heart was fluttering on and off. The purple/magenta energy coming through – just the other night I dreamt of those exact colours and specifically remembered that when I woke up.
All the fruit analogies made me laugh too – I had a very vivid dream about him a while ago – I was picking huge purple fruit (!) from our garden which I gave him, and he went off and prepared this amazing fruit breakfast – he’d caramelised all the fruit in sugar – and I remember thinking bloody hell that’s ridiculously sweet (like how much sugar is in that?!) but when I woke up I realised it was a metaphor for sweetness he was giving back to me in a really caring and loving way.
I’m going to do the energy work you suggested and really work on letting go of past loss and heartache (and yes, I know some of it is past life as I’ve had lucid dreams about that).
Thanks so much again Jessica, I really felt I’d received the kind of guidance I needed at this time :)
Warmest wishes,
P. London
Thank you so much! You are right, I actually am not pregnant which I found out today! And we decided if I wasn’t then we were going to hold off until August to try which would put us having a baby next May! And you were spot on with feeling little girl energies around me! I have three little bubbly, happy girls like you described who are 1, 3, and 5 all which have big brown eyes like you described our boy to have! And I was a little down today when I found out I wasn’t pregnant, not a miscarriage but just down! You were definitely spot on about everything!
Divine Energy Workshop 7/8th March 2015
“Well, what a fantastic spirit awakening weekend. For months before many things pointed to going on the weekend and wow it was all meant to be.  Sometimes you just know you have to do something for some reason and I knew I had to be there. Little did I know I would be quite ill for a few days before with extreme tummy pain and more.
On arrival, the greeting from Jessica was heavenly and I could feel a shift in my spirit and body. I knew things were changing. During the weekend the real work began and amazingly faster than a thought I was healed and still am. Many things were set right for me as well with a deep knowing of truth and things that we have always known deep in our souls. Thank you also to all who attended with me as you were a real blessing.
Bigger things are now starting to fall into place for our souls plan here.  Blessings Jess.”
Love and peace Martin xxx
Divine Spiritual Group March 2015
Many thanks, Jessica, for the last 6 weeks, gosh they went by so quickly!  Yet so much have I learnt & enjoyed.  I have been spiritually aware for many years, but you have helped me to ‘open up’ to using the gifts of my Soul, to trust my intuition, to ask for help & guidance from my Guides, my higher self, from Beings of Light & from Source.  To trust in who I am.  You even gave me the nudge I needed to get on & put time aside to meditate for 10mins EACH day!!
You made the process of learning & doing, so joyful & fun.  A wonderful journey indeed!!
I look forward to the 6-week Advanced course starting 9th April.  This is all so right for me at this time in my life. Thanks again.Have a wonderful Easter,
Love & light
Valerie    Barton on Sea
Thank you for such a lovely weekend it has truly helped and opened my eyes.

Please find below a testimonial for the course.

“I attended Jessica’s Divine Energy weekend course in March.

As a therapist I was looking out for a course to enrich my work, the Divine Energy course popped up in my news feed on facebook and after reading the description I signed up.

We meet at a beautiful and serene venue in Burly where Jessica enlightened us to her way of working, she leads us through deepening our connections, trusting more of our intuition and then moving to practical application. We also had lots of tea, meditation and time to connect with each other as a group.

It was eye opening, taking my understanding and intuition to a deeper more intrinsic level all the while being gently guided by Jessica.

This course has taken my own skills to a new level. It has given me a deeper trust in my intuition and more understanding of the power of intention.

I would recommend this course to any one no matter what stage of their journey.”

Ann, Southampton

Divine Energy Workshop 7th/8th March 2015

I was in telephonic and email communication with Jessica for quite a while and it was so apparent to me that I just had to meet up with this very special, open spiritual and knowledgeable Being.   This transpired to be on Saturday 7th March at Burley Manor Hotel near Ringwood.

I opened the door and saw and heard a lovely soft yet clear voice housed in such a pretty face, and a dancer’s lithe body.   Her eyes were sparkling and she was laughing.  This was the way that she remained during the 2-day Workshop – by lunchtime, most of us were weary, but not so Jessica, who danced from one spot to another, because, seemingly, she needed to use her physical energy, for a while, rather than just her right brain.

I had known all along that this was right for me, but I certainly had no idea how appropriate the timing Jessica and her Workshop would actually be.

The Course was absolutely fascinating, and I loved every detail of it.   It was clearly set out, handouts were granted, and permission to use them, and Jessica’s manner was not one bit like a Tutor, rather like one of us, but with more knowledge than the others!

Leaving the New Forest I attempted to evaluate and absorb all that I had learned, yet, despite my willingness, the brain cells refused to function until I would be able to sit, relax and contemplate, and, with luck, that occasion will soon arise……

Jane, Yeovil

Divine Spiritual Group February 2015

Being the new girl on the block for this work I wasn’t too sure what to expect – let’s face it, every one of Jessica’sessions is an incredible journey of discovery and adventure!  The meditation that Jessica led to start us off was beautiful and wonderfully peaceful getting us to the right place to read another member of the group’s energy.  Whilst I didn’t see flashing lights, colours or symbols like some, I was aware of the different energy patterns each member of the group had.  I know that this is just the start for me and with practice and guidance this will develop. 

What blew me away was when it was my turn to be in the hot seat, how others read my energy field and with great love and kindness helped me to heal.  It was very moving and I felt deeply honoured to be with such lovely, caring and gifted people.  Thank you to all and especially Jessica for leading the group.  Sally x

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Many thanks for our first Divine Spiritual group meeting.  
We all got on well & I’m sure we all feel so grateful that the time is right for us now as we have found the right teacher.  
You are so easy to listen to & to understand.
Valerie, Ferndown


Dear Jessica

Thank you for the reading, I have listened to it several times, from the onset I did not have any questions and this yet holds true. Listening to it was beautiful, the expansion of self-awareness through the perspective of another. As usual, your words spoken with Presence delivered the duty of them- to point to what is unknowable by the mind, essences that cannot be reduced to a label. It was an energetic journey, the words were guides, bringing a sacred geometry of naturally unfolding structure just as consciousness channels all things into being from the great womb of creation. I can feel what is happening, the changes, the expansion, yes the reading was wonderful, thank you.
Rivers of gratitude and peace.
Love G. Greece

Dear Jessica, I would like to say how beneficial I found the Divine Weekend  Workshop. The pace of the weekend was perfect. The size of the group gave everyone the opportunity to equally participate.

This weekend gave me the perfect space and setting I needed to reflect, meditate and enjoy the connection with you and all of the other lovely and warm people in the group.

I loved your chilled out venue and the delicious snacks that I might have overindulged in. The weekend has had a very positive effect in terms of reminding me of what is really important in life. I thank you for the information you sent afterwards and I have bought one of the books you recommended and finding it so good. Hope to see you soon and thank you again, love and blessings, Dee x

butterfly_purpleHi Jessica

Please feel free to use my words as testimony to your wonderful gifts.

“Thank you” so much for the wonderfully uplifting and reassuring reading!

I instinctively & immediately felt at ease when I heard your voice and connected with your energy.

Your insights were “spot on”…I am currently working my final 3 months notice for my present employer (XXX) where I have been employed for the last 25 years (my official end date is 31/12/2014)

I have a strong interest in the “spiritual” aspect of life and am hoping to move more deeply into energy work…healing, meditation etc next year and I would just love to travel and share presence and being with those I encounter

I had to “laugh” when you mentioned “flogging” from a previous incarnation because, since May 2002, I sometimes (less often now) get these large “welts” diagonally across my back which I once said were like I was being whipped!!! They just seemed to appear and disappear of their own accord…so “Thank you” so much for being aware of that and giving healing

Jessica, I intuitively know that your heart, mind and intention as one, are pure and true…it is so obvious from your energy.

You are a truly beautiful and inspirational soul and I wish you love and blessings always.

Take care, my friend,
Dharm, London

“I had my reading with Jessica just over 2 years ago. It was so precise, being my first reading ever, I was amazed with the precision of facts and general knowledge. Jessica’s reading gave me the push to change my life in several areas, which is just what I needed. I listen often to the taped session, I also gave my husband and oldest son the opportunity to listen to sections related to them, so no secrets!!

I will very much recommend anybody to make an appointment with Jessica, nothing to be worried about. The truth we will hear is exactly what our vibrations are ready to work with.  I am forever thankful to Jessica for her assistance in my journey forward.

Lis Dorset”

Thank you very much for such an amazing reading. I felt a lot of clarity and healing coming through. It is always a safe, pleasant and uplifting experience to have a reading with you and I was really looking forward to it. Your reading was very accurate and appropriate to what I’m going through at the moment and it has given me both confidence and strength.

Claudia, Salisbury

but55Jessica’s readings have given me great comfort over the years and have helped me immensely when I’ve been at low points in my life. I would highly recommend a reading with Jessica if you need guidance with anything in your life. Her readings leave you feeling empowered and you feel literally transformed.

Jean, Southampton.

Jess came into my life, when I was at a very low ebb, my life was in a turmoil just had a serious relationship breakdown. Not been in this position before did not know where to turn to, friends were very understanding but not much help my life was falling to pieces.

So  I started to think out of the box for help & answers, looking through my local paper I was drawn to an advertisement. This is where Jess came into my life, she got me to believe things would get better, needed to believe in myself, which would give me back my confidence which  I am happy to say she has.

Keith, Ringwood.

Jessica has been an enormous help the last year both spiritually and practically – her natural abilities, support and life coaching are of such a high standard which created this amazing, positive and life-affirming experience for me at a time when things felt impossible. I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough as she has been and still is an integral part of so many constructive and helpful changes to move my life forward.

Sarah, Poole


Jessica managed to correctly interpret where  I was in my life at the time and helped me to resolve some family issues which I wasn’t even aware of. She described my grandmother and gave me a message which I found lifted a huge weight off me. I think if you go into the consultation with an open mind you will undoubtedly come out wiser, I wish I had her skill!


My reading was an amazing and uplifting experience.

From the off the calming and relaxed atmosphere created by Jessica put me at ease and enabled the positive energies

and information received to flow. A very accurate account of my personality was given and how and

why I came to be at this place in time was very helpful as my questions were answered. I would highly recommend

anyone to have a reading with Jessica as I definitely will be again.

Josie, Dorset

I have had a couple of readings with Jessica and I have been really impressed.    Her lovely and empathetic energy is very apparent and I felt totally relaxed.    When I arrived at  Jessica’s I had  been toying with different  options to take me forward but with no real direction and was floundering in a sea of indecision.    What I came away with, was a clear direction of where I was going and how I was going to achieve it.    She allayed any fears  I had and gave me such a positive attitude  for the future.  Jessica also worked with spirit during the session to adjust my energy to take me forward on my pathway.   Definitely value for money and I would definitely recommend a reading.

Di, Bournemouth

I went to Jessica for a reading approximately a year ago. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease.    My reading was quite an emotional one but left me feeling that I could cope with the months ahead as there was light at the end of the tunnel. There was no hype, just honesty and truth. She told me things that only I knew to be true. I would definitely go back for another reading and would recommend Jessica to anyone. My life has improved dramatically and all my expectations achieved – definitely value for money.  Thank you Jessie.

Barbara Blaylock, Southampton

Thanks so much for the reading on Tuesday – I’ve really felt the changes accelerate over the past couple of days. For a while I’ve felt like a computer downloading a software upgrade, and your reading was like a virus checker – my processor is definitely faster now.

I’ve been listening to the recording and have had a few more insights open up, which has been really valuable, so thanks for that too. You’ve also given me what I think is my quote of the week, “If you wanted mature cheese you have to wait for it to mature”  You’re very funny.

Thanks a million!

Many, many blessings and light

Jo, Poole

The reading, it has been fantastic and so helpful. The changes have indeed been great recently  and what you said about moving locations is very accurate, in a few weeks i will be going to an army camp. The physical change is accurate as well, until a few months ago i was physically quite unhealthy and overweight.

I have been getting in touch with my inner healer as a part of the incorporation of my full self, you mention the colour blue a lot. A few days ago i was out, and i had this sudden compulsion to buy these prayer beads, they are electric blue in colour : ). You said my partner is also a healer and we will start some kind of spa or something from scratch. It is Sophie’s dream to one day open a healing center, as of now she is a tattoo artist, and a yogi, she wants to go to india to learn to become a yoga teacher. Yeah just the whole reading in general was really uplifting for me, and it just felt like a big thumbs up, so thank you again :).

Love and blessings to you Jessica.

George : ) Cyprus

I am so grateful to our friend who has introduced me to you. No questionably you are one of those rare highly gifted ladies with unbelievable accuracy in your perceptions, words and readings.

I already had two sessions with you and in both cases most of what you said were exact answers to my questions for my Guides and Higher Beings who I always have loads of questions for them.

I have felt uplifted, joyful, energetic, hopeful and ready to move forward no matter how hard the daily 3D life could be.

In eternal peace

John, London

Dear Jessica, thank you for your reading, I really feel the Truth and guidance in your words. I need to listen to it more than twice and maybe I will come back to you for a new reading. =)

It was wonderful, and beyond the words is the energy that flows from you. I really appreciate it. I feel stronger, more calm and more clear. Thank you,

with all my heart,


I would just like to say “Thank you so much for such a beautiful experience! it was so wonderful to meet you and I thank you for your amazing insight to my life and future.”

Very much appreciated

Darron x

Okay the reading was marvelous and I just felt so happy and…wow. I am not going to go into all the details but you pretty much hit every detail that I needed to hear at this time and I just , I just felt so good. Even before I actually took the time to listen to the reading and the heart’s desire I have felt this change come with in myself that everything that I think is a problem or is challenging really isn’t and that I am just making it challenging. I think your energy work is really affecting me because the last couple of days I just felt lucky, that feeling you were talking about of ” Things just work out in my favor” I feel like that is coming back to me. I use to have that feeling more and I use to laugh about it” No matter what I do things just work out for me.. Haha it is ridiculous”  are things I use to say. It is funny how powerful that really is!  I feel very loved and excited and motivated to face my life in a more easy going yet confident in myself way and yeah just to let the universe fill in the rest everything and everyone are ready to help me and move with me. This is very emotional!!!!!, by the way I love the way you handled the reading going with the flow of what popped up.  I looooove  your voice I don’t know if it is just the English accent thing  or what?, but your voice is very musical and I just enjoyed listening to the reading and I don’t know! I could just  feel your love and passion in what you do. Thank you so very much I will stay in touch through email and update you on things going on in my life and how your reading, hearts desire, and energy work has really helped me on my journey and I am just so glad I stumbled apon your website.

Thank you, Your Amazing, Much Much Love

Akeem, France

I am so pleased I choose Jessica to give me my first ever reading. It was such a positive experience I was drawn to have another one a month later. During the first reading Jessica gave recomendations of journal work,meditation and reading work by Neale Donald Walsch. After the reading i came away with a CD of the session .I found listening to it daily, whilst writing my thoughts in my journal, brought about massive changes in me! My sense of well being has gone through the roof. Prior to the readings I was one person, now i’ve truely found me, I feel so much happier, calmer, younge and definately a brand new me. Honestly, I can never thank you enoughr for the differnce in the way I look at life .    Many thanks

Lisa H, Highcliffe

I met Jessica when i feel quite confused about the direction in my life. The reading was a great experience and it helped me to know myself better. I often listen to the recorded reading, it is very encouraging and calming. It gave me lots of confidence and direction. Also it helped to reduce my worries. Many thanks to Jessica, your reading has made my life more possitive.

Lei, Bournemouth

My reading with Jessica was very informative, interesting and enlightening. It was helpful to know at what stage I was at in the present time and to receive guidance as to what could come in the future were I to make the choices offered to me. It all felt very positive. I was glad to know my father was near to me offering help. The reading was presented very kindly in a calm atmosphere and was fun too and I felt more lighthearted. The hour went too quickly. Altogether a very enjoyable experience.

Liz, Salisbury

Jessica was spot on without me telling her anything.  She described people and situations without any information from me.  I came having already made a decision about one of the most important areas of my life and really was hoping for some affirmation.  What I got was so much more.  Concise information and direction which change my decision and helped resolve a massive problem without the drastic measures I had been prepared to take.  Jessica was straight talking and gave it to me straight…which was exactly what I needed.  She really has the gift.  Having known and seen others in the same sort of field I have to say she is my number 1 choice and I will definitely make a return visit when I have a decision to make and want some spiritual advice.  I am really grateful as you saved me from a choice which would have been very detrimental to me and my family and would have cost me a lot of money.  Thank you for your support and honesty.  Well worth the money.


Jessica is the most welcome lady I have met. During the readings I had with her a few times, found out that was the most helpful guidence for me. I felt calm and released after readings. also she can gave me the specific details which has helped me out from the difficut situations. Her readings give me confidence, also gave me comfort and warmness. She is the lady that you do not want to miss in your life.

Catherine, Boscombe

When i first started listening to the reading jessica gave me , i immediatly felt that connection , it felt so true , so helpfull and helped me to see things differently , her readings are incredebly accurate , i ‘ve had a few readings ( from other mediums ) , and most of them where correct in a certain way , but jessica did astonish me , as her readings are very constructive and accurate i also really appreciated the fact that she doesnt just give readings , its more like a guidance – reading , help from above.

Thanks a lot Namaste

Rafael ( Bordeaux )

Good morning thank you for yesterday and my lovely crystal it stayed with me for the rest of the day and night just wanted to let you no for the 1st time in 3mths I went to bed and slept without taking my sleeping tablet I held my crystal all night and feel so much better this morning once again thank you.

Julie xxx

If you’re a sceptic like me then prepare for the worst. Because your scepticism disappears in minutes as Jessica performs her magic. She is amazing. Her insights and intuition blew me away. What she does is give you the courage to go for your dreams. To believe you can be, do and have everything your heart desires.

Clive Cable

I am delighted to now call Jessica a friend and a really beautiful one at that. When I first had a reading with Jessica, I could not believe how much she tuned into about me. I can honestly say it was the best reading I have ever had and I am not new to readings! I have told friends about Jessica and had a few evenings with her coming to my home to give readings for them. One at the wonderful age of 65 had his first ever reading and asked if it could be arranged again in six months time. That happened two weeks ago and again he was delighted.

Jessica embodies positivity and a reading with her is completely uplifting, no matter how you are feeling beforehand. I would strongly recommend Jessica to anyone interested in hearing the best of yourself and what your future may hold.

I wish Jessica so much Love, Happiness, and Success with her new venture in Winchester and everything else she does in the future.

I am also delighted to say Jessica will be my guest speaker at The Positive Living Group Southampton on October 22nd 2013 at Richard Tauntons Sixth Form College, a wonderful opportunity to meet her. Her talk is called ‘Illuminating The Unconscious,’ and every one is welcome.

Jackie White

When I arrived for my FreeFall treatment I was slightly apprehensive about what to expect. However, pretty much instantly, I felt very safe, relaxed and calm, due to Jessica’s natural warm and incredibly lovely energy. She just puts you at ease and is so welcoming and professional at what she does, yet with such a relaxed and delightful manor you just feel like you’ve known her forever.

When I began the FreeFall I started discussing the problem, which was at a level 10 in terms of how strongly I felt it and the negative emotions that were attached to it.

During the treatment I had an incredible experience. It was enjoyable the whole way through and Jessica is fantastic at taking you through and ensuring you are getting the best out of the experience. I felt completely safe and happy.

After the treatment the previous problem was at 0! I had a completely renewed and fresh preservative on what had been bothering me hugely before going to see Jessica.

The week after the FreeFall treatment I realised I was looking at things from a much wider perspective. I was realising that I was noticing a problem, and then realising very quickly, why it was making me feel a certain way, and then letting it go, rather than getting stuck in it.

I felt a change in my energy and a difference in the way I was interacting with others, in a much more carefree way, like the curtain had been lifted and I could see the bigger picture.

The after care is just wonderful too. When you have a problem and feel like it’s just impossible to sort it, Jessica not only succeeds in sorting it, but also creates an absolute comfort of a safety cushion in making sure that the original problem doesn’t creep back in. I think that’s always the fear, when you go for any kind of treatment that maybe it won’t last, or what happens if it doesn’t, and Jessica takes that fear away.

Jessica is an absolute angel and would recommend any of my nearest and dearest and beyond to see her for anything that may be bothering them.

Lisa, Lymington

“Thank you so much for the fantastic FreeFall session I had. Your listening and guidance through it was amazing. The insights and shifts in patterns of thinking are truly transformational.

I am now empowered and capable of dealing with those conditioned ways of being and thinking in realms of new possibilities.

I recommend it to anyone who is stuck and unable to move forward in their lives.