Theme Parties

We all love a good party and what could be more fun than dressing up and getting into the spirit of the party – excuse the pun!
We arrange parties for all occasions and offer the following suggestions:

New Year
Chinese New Year
Firework Night
Age related birthday eg. 40/50th
Wedding Anniversaries
Hen nights
Stag nights
Leaving work parties
Baby showers
New job

Whatever the occasion, we are happy to organise the entertainment for your special event. Our parties are designed to complement your requirements. We can entertain your guests with a range of party games for a fun and exciting evening to remember.

We also offer a choice of psychic workshops, where your friends can learn how to read tarot cards, dowsing rods, crystal ball gazing or reading tea leaves.

If having a large party we have a team of psychics who can entertain your guests with a number of readings including angel, medium, crystal, clairvoyant or intuitive readings.

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