Weekly Energy Report 27 September 2014


Wow what a beautiful week we’ve been having here in the Southern part of the UK. Autumn is well and truly here as we look at the changes taking place in nature. The leaves on the trees are turning beautiful shades of brown, spiders are making their way inside as the evenings are becoming a little bit cooler and yet, we are blessed with an indian summer here as temperatures this week continue to be higher than average for this time of year.

So what can we expect this coming week!

Saturday 27th September

Today, Saturday has an expectant energy and yet, today is about relaxing, not rushing around, just taking one step at a time and enjoying what you do. A day of doing something outside the box, something different that perhaps you wouldn’t normally do. A day of play, fun, relaxation, sharing. Taking a trip into town and being delighted to find events or things happening that bring you lots of smiles and joy. Ambling, with no particular direction in mind will bring a wealth of experiences, friendly interaction and unexpected life-enhancing experiences.

By the evening you may feel a calling to go out, so look for events in your community that feel good to take part in. Maybe there’s a film at the cinema that catches your eye. Ring a friend, take your partner or children off out as this is a social day to enjoy.

Sunday 28th September

There is restlessness in the air today. Stay in bed longer, relax, pick up a good book and allow yourself to be distracted. For those more energetic outdoors folk, pick up your gardening equipment and nurture the earth. Today is an excellent day to plant in the earth, tend to crops, cut back shrubbery and clean out that shed.

Expect the unexpected today, it may not all go to plan as some disruptions may take place, only little things, yet be prepared. You may receive a call out of the blue from someone you haven’t heard of for a while, or someone you’ve been meaning to call. There may be an announcement in a paper (online or virtual) that may cause for concern and may have your feathers ruffled.  A good day to sort out cupboards that need clearing, although I’d be surprised if you had the energy to do it, it’s one of those days when it could wait till later. Make sure you plan for your week ahead today, being organised will ensure your week runs smoothly. Don’t take any chances this week, it is not a time to listen to your head. Go with your heart and things will run smoothly and be easy.

Monday 29th September

You’ll feel grateful for today and glad that you prepared your week in advance (assuming you did yesterday). It may be simple plans like deciding what food you will cook for meals etc. Being organised will give you the power to see other projects through and stop time wasting.

There is a feeling into the later part of Monday of renewed hope, a lightness that some of you may experience. It can also be important not to get ahead of yourself today. Plans you have made in the past may not materialise right now, and this could lead to some frustration. Let go, give yourself permission to distract yourself in the evening by making a beautiful meal and sharing it with family and/or friends. You will feel so much more relaxed when you sit down in the evening, knowing you’ve connected with your creativity and others have benefitted.

Tuesday 30th September

Last day of September and this will feel like a busy day compared to the last few. There may be meetings to get too, things to organise and deadlines to meet. Make sure you finalise any and all details including the little things, you don’t want to be going out the door forgetting the very thing you need. There is a lighter, optimistic feeling in the air today and best use of it would be to stay on track, do what you intended and planned and leave plenty of time to get to wherever you are going. People may get back to you now. If you’ve been waiting to tick things off your list, waiting to hear about something today you just may get your answer. Be prepared though to negotiate, it’s not about winning the battle by fighting your way out of a paper bag, it’s time to stand up for yourself in a gentle, easy manner and everyone gains. Try and stay patient when the demands of the day catch up with you.

Wednesday 1st October

An important person, meeting or event may occur today, either planned or unplanned. News, good or bad will happen. If you are going for a job interview you may be disappointed. Remember to let go, have a good rant or cry and then leave it alone. Something even better is coming your way – be prepared and do not overlook the obvious, you may be delightfully surprised what lies ahead for you.

If you have children you may find yourself running around in circles today as there seems to be a great demand for your attention.  Please yourself too, make sure you say no to any demands that have you taken out of your comfort zone.

Today would be a good day to review your goals, your plans for your future. This evening, spend time sitting down going over your ‘wants, wishes and desires’ list. Time to clarify, sit and meditate on it this evening (once you’ve got clear about what you want) The moon plays an important role this evening and will help you clarify and bring to you what you desire. REMEMBER to Ask, the healing energies are high this evening and your desire is likely to manifest easily if you take the time to do so. A good time to plant seeds for the future.

Thursday 2nd October

A mixed day today, busy energies, quieter energies. Definitely go with the flow today, you will be carried along by the energetic tides, don’t try and hang on to anything, be flexible and patient today, especially with others. Letting go of your needs might seem contradictory, yet you will benefit and feel better tomorrow if you get out of the way the things that others demand of you. Visit the hospital to see that sick friend, take the dog to the training class, spend the evening with that friend who has been vying for your time and attention. It is a day of duty and obligation, so go with it, tomorrow is all about you and besides it will feel like you have earned brownie points – all goes to making everyone happy. Do speak your mind and be honest though, now is not the time to be a shrinking violet. Stand up and count, spread good news, kind words, good acts, love and blessings to all – as they sure need it and so do YOU.

Friday 3rd October

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself starting one thing and ending up doing something else. Unexpected changes, surprises, a feeling of not achieving what you intended to get done in the early part of today.

A beautiful feeling of love and self-nurturing present in the latter part of today. Feeling tired, relaxed and in tune with yourself. Your psychic intuition may be really high. Trust your gut, your feelings, you are never wrong, or certainly not today. If you are in any way be manipulated, blackmailed (on any level ie. Emotionally, mentally) you will sense this today and will find a reprieve as the energies lighten and allow you to see things for what they truly are. Give yourself a break, slow down, and think before you act.

Excitement and fun will end the day if you are out partying on the town. If you’ve stayed in, you’ll feel self-satisfied. Enjoy that treat, don’t take life so seriously – tomorrow is another day….

Love and blessings

Enjoy this fabulous opportunity to live your life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, good or not so good, accept and allow, you are in for an awesome time no matter what.

Jessica x

This short energy report is intended to bring you a snapshot into the upcoming energies of the week. If you would like a unique personal report, please contact Jessica for details.


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