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Life is too short to be unhappy.

Why wait until you die to review and go over the lessons and experiences of your life. Why not address the issues, clear the patterns, release the pain and create a new reality now!

That would make sense as many people say that they don’t want to come back to this planet and do it all again. Perhaps you are one of them?!

We are all on this evolutionary journey called Life together.

As soon as we separate from our soul, incarnate and enter the body of our mother, we descend into the lower planes of existence. Some say this earthly dimension is the lowest, or furthest from Source, God.

….So why are we here? ….What have we come to do? ….Why is life so hard and difficult so very much of the time? ….Why is the suicide and depression rate rising? ….How do you really feel about being here? …. How can you make it better and sustain positive changes?

These are just some of the questions we will be addressing in this intimate group. You will get to look at your patterns, blocks and anything else that may be preventing you from living a happy, fulfilled life. You will learn to release these using proven unique tools, meditation, videos and techniques.

Most of our patterning is rooted deep in our psyche and this is why it can take our entire life to reach enlightenment, if at all.
Society, parents, teachers and significant others have shaped and formed the person you have become. For many people, they do not like, let alone love who they are.

We will be looking at specific ways in which you can begin to love yourself, your life, others and the world around you.

We are now being given an opportunity to release past conditioning, negativity and karma as part of our Soul’s rapid development and growth.

A deep inner healing that may have taken years of therapy or lifetimes to release, can now be addressed quickly and easily.

As you allow your authentic self to unfold, you will release the need to control others or be controlled, you will experience freedom. You will find you can express and communicate your needs and desires without feelings of guilt, anxiety or fear.

Each day starts with excitement, passion and truth and ends with love, gratitude and appreciation. Life will become joyful.

Discussion and communication are vital to our overall well-being and this exploration group will enable you to participate, share your experiences and make lasting changes.

If you are truly ready to open your heart centre, love unconditionally, release deeply hidden emotions and negative attachments, then this is the group for you.

If you are ready. What are you waiting for?

Starting January 2019 onwards. Please contact Jessica for details.

Please note spaces are limited.

All materials and refreshments are provided.

Infinite love and light
Jessica x



light bodies

Your Invitation

“DaBen and Orin invite you to awaken your light body and experience many higher, expanded states of consciousness that take you beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness.

This is one of the most powerful courses of spiritual growth and transformation that we offer. Thousands of people are awakening their light bodies using the processes and energies transmitted by DaBen and through the personal and spiritual growth meditations and processes given by Orin.

As you awaken your light body you will learn how to change less harmonious energies into positive ones, and use the energy around you to go higher.

You can experience a greater ability to experience flowing emotions, stay centered, release stuck energy, and respond with love and compassion. Your light body opens doorways to the higher realms of light. It assists you in adding light to your thoughts, opening your channel upward, and connecting with the Universal Mind. You can experience many illumined states of consciousness as you listen to these guided meditations.

This course works well whether you are new to meditation, or have meditated for years. Learning how to work with the subtle energies, as you will do in the light body course, can enhance any path of spiritual growth you are on.

There are extensive graduate light body courses offered, to continue your expansion into the enlightened states of consciousness that the ancient spiritual and sacred texts speak of.”

The course is comprised of six parts with a review at the end.

1.  Building Your Power Base
2.  Opening Your Heart Centre
3.  Activating Your Higher Energy Centres
4.  Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies
5.  Awakening Your Light Body
6.  Becoming Radiant
7.  Course Review

The course can be taken over a 6+ month period. You will receive support with Jessica throughout the course via Skype, telephone or Zoom.

You will receive all the meditations for downloads and course paperwork to read and practice before the next meeting. It will be imperative you do the work before the next meeting as this may hinder your progress and you will not get optimum benefit from the course. The downloads will be sent to your pc or device immediately after each meeting, so you can listen to them at your convenience. Each Course has approximately 12 programmes to be completed within the 4-8 week period. Each programme will need to be listened to perhaps several times to fully benefit from each centre.

Here is a direct link to all the information that you will need before embarking on this course. It does require commitment and therefore, it is imperative you seriously think whether or not this course is for you.


At this stage, it is also important that you understand that I have personally chosen not to be registered as a Light Body Teacher.

The reason for this decision is that I prefer to be a Sponsor, which means that I will not be sounding the notes of the energy centres myself, instead, I am choosing to use the original pre-recorded audio programmes as made by DaBen and Orin.

You must also be aware that as a Sponsor I have a duty to you as a student which carries certain responsibilities which I take very seriously in order for you to gain maximum success from Awakening your Light Body.

Please note that you are not eligible to sponsor others until you yourself have finished learning all the vibrational energy and light body centres. If you want to sponsor others, you will need to use the six-volume Awakening Your Light Body course

by DaBen and Orin which can be purchased directly through me or by contacting LuminEssencewww.orindaben.com If you do not wish to sponsor others or become a Light Body Teacher you will not need to purchase the programmes. Please note you may NOT copy, or share your recordings with anyone, including family and friends. If you would like to do so, you will need to buy your own set of the recordings and then sponsor others by sharing your recordings with them in the same way I am with you.

The cost of the entire course, including 7 meetings with myself as Sponsor, access to all 74 programmes and written materials, regular additional support via Skype/Zoom or telephone meetings is £395.00.

You may find the following information useful in making your decision to study with Jessica:

Jessica Woods is a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course as developed by DaBen and Orin, channelled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and is sponsoring others in learning this course based upon her understanding of it.

Jessica Woods has completed the advanced Awakening Your Light Body courses: Radiance: Self-Exciting; Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies. Jessica has been studying and using the light body course since the year 2000.

There is a lot of information on the links supplied above, or if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

You might like to answer the following questions which may let you know you are ready for this course, or not.

1. Have you been on a path of spiritual growth for awhile? Are you ready to be on an accelerated path of growth?
2. Are you interested in experiencing higher, expanded states of consciousness? 3.

Is finding and living your higher purpose important to you?
4. Are you fairly open to the new? Are you willing to let go of those things that no longer serve your higher good, and are willing to create those things that do?
5. Are you somewhat self-reliant and creative? Do you trust your inner guidance and seek to follow it with action?
6. Do you believe you create your own reality?
7. Are you aware that you have a Higher Self and soul? Are you drawn to such things as meditation, learning how to channel, developing your psychic or clairvoyant abilities, or other things that expand your consciousness?
8. Is spiritual growth important to you and are you willing to devote time and energy to it every week?
9. Are you receiving inner guidance to create new things in your life, to put more time and energy into your higher path and purpose?
10. Have you learned how to deal with the emotional issues that may come up as a result of being on a path of spiritual growth? Do you look for the good in every experience?
11. Are you sensitive to energy? Do you want to learn more about subtle energies and how to work with them?
12. Do you believe you deserve to have a wonderful, joyful, and abundant life?
If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you may be ready to awaken your light bodies. Go within and ask for guidance to see if awakening your light body is your next step.


Are Your Students Ready to Take the Awakening Your Light Body Course? We advise people who are enrolling in the light body courses the following: “As a part of simply being alive on the earth plane, you will experience various situations that challenge you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Awakening your light body does not create these challenges, nor does it create physical, emotional, or mental illness.

None of the light body courses are meant to be therapeutic in nature. They work at another level to take you into higher spaces and to assist you in bringing those spaces back into your ordinary life.

If you have any history of or are currently in treatment for mental illness, such as manic-depressive, bipolar, schizophrenia, or other mental or emotional problems, do not take any light body courses until you have the consent of a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist

” We are also stating in our literature to people who are enrolled in the light body courses: The light body is not therapeutic in nature:

“As a part of simply being alive on the earth plane, you will experience various situations that challenge you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Awakening your light body does not create these challenges, nor does it create physical, emotional, or mental illness. It does, however, give you tools with which to work with them.

The light body is not meant to be therapeutic; if you experience emotional problems during this course, we suggest working with a licensed psychotherapist who can assist you. The light body is not meant to replace any medical treatment.

Work with the light body to gain more emotional flow, mental fluidity, and physical ease in conjunction with any regular medical advice or therapeutic treatment you may be receiving. Any physical effects of using the light body cease shortly after you return to ordinary reality and stop running the energy.

If you have any physical symptoms that occur as you awaken your light body, treat them as you would treat any unusual physical symptoms and get the appropriate medical assistance and advice from your physician.”

I look forward to sponsoring you as a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body Course, if you would like to proceed, which I have personally found to be a transformative and enlightening process which has lead to rapid growth and understanding of higher dimensions and self-awareness.

Love and bright blessings
Jessica x 


ILLUMINATED HEART RETREAT IN SPAIN WITH JESSICA – 2018/19 (Various Dates) – El Molino Del Rio Hotel, Benablon, Caravaca de la Cruz, 30410, Murcia, Spain

el molino hotel

When we truly understand and connect with our true and natural essence, our inner being, we experience the ecstatic joy of living in this physical reality.

This retreat is aimed at getting you out of your mind and be-coming at one with your true divine self. This retreat will offer you the ultimate mind, body, soul experience. From start to finish you will have the opportunity to relax, be inspired and energised through meditation, yoga, connection to nature and the group – ‘Awakened not stirred’.

You will leave the retreat with an open heart and with a deeper understanding and awareness of your Divine path that lies ahead. Join Jessica for a very special four-day retreat with yoga in rural Spain.

The workshop will connect and open your heart to living more fully in the presence of your Divine Self.

Illuminated Heart Agenda
– Friday – arrive late morning/early afternoon (please book early morning flights from UK) A light lunch will be served with plenty of time to unpack and settle into your room. 4pm we will start the retreat with an opening meditation and initiation ceremony in which we will connect with our own deep inner silence.

After introductions, you will then have a couple of hours to yourself and time to prepare for evening dinner. Dinner will be served around 8pm and be relaxed and informal. If you have any allergies or food preferences, please inform the hotel upon arrival, who will cater for your every need.

- Saturday – morning yoga with Carmen Alvarez Carmen Álvarez Sandoval followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Sunday – morning yoga with Carmen followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Monday – morning yoga with Carmen followed by a delicious breakfast. Morning workshop, including meditation, exercises, presentation and group discussion. Lunch. Afternoon to self, to relax, read, walk or swim. Late afternoon/evening further workshop before getting ready for evening dinner.

- Tuesday – Breakfast. Morning walk to a local area of beauty. Group meditation and closing ceremony, saying goodbyes. Lunch. Taxi for airport departure.

Note: There will be an opportunity to visit the local town of Caravaca de a Cruz (which is the 5th most holy city in the world) and also visit local historic sites etc in your spare time.
Extra hotel reservations: If you would like to stay in Spain for a few days before or after the retreat, we’d be happy to discuss hotel reservations or send you details of other suggested places to visit, including the underground natural spa town of Archena and hotels we work with.

Jessica Woods
Jessica works with individuals to help them overcome a whole host of challenges. She started counselling back in the late 80s, and later qualified and practiced as an NLP Master Practitioner.

She has since developed her own therapy technique called FreeFall™ Therapy. As a young child, she was highly intuitive and has since used her psychic gifts to help and enable others to access their own natural state of wellness and personal power.

Jessica is the founder of FreeFall Therapy™ a unique self-healing process which quickly accesses the hidden unconscious aspects of your inner Self. Jessica runs innovative, transformational workshops and seminars. Alongside she continues her private practice giving Divine Intuitive readings, energy alignments and FreeFall consultations.

Jessica is passionate about empowering people to become conscious, effective agents of change, in an ever unfolding, expanding and changing universe.

Readings can be booked with Jessica at the special retreat price of £50 per intuitive reading. Please contact Jessica if you would like to make a booking.


Carmen Alvarez Sandoval
Carmen Alvarez Sandoval is an experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher who has been practicing with clients for many years. Carmen has this to say about the retreat.

“The purpose of my session is the participants feel relaxed and awake, more connected with the body and energized. Sometimes we feel disconnected from our bodies or reject or fight against some aspect of ourselves, including our body (because nothing exists outside of it and everything happens within it).
Even sometimes it may seem that our body is our worst enemy. If we want to improve our lives, we need to improve the relationship we have with our body. This we will achieve through body-mind work dialogue, energy breathing, position, stability, balance, joint elasticity and drop-relaxation. We will use different types of techniques from Psychology, Breathing techniques, Stretching, Chi-Kung, Meditation and Yoga Asanas”.


You will be staying in a very special rural retreat in the Spanish countryside. Hotel El Molino del Rio is an old restored XVI century mill and is situated in the Argos River Canyon.

This unique small, friendly hotel has beautiful bedroom/apartments complete with log burners, lounge areas, separate bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms (air conditioning). The setting is stunning and the grounds include a swimming pool, outside dining areas, walks along the river and surrounding countryside.

The charming restaurant serves creative dishes inspired by the region of Northwest Murcia, Mediterranean and Andalusia. The kitchen cuisine is freshly prepared on the premises and reflects the tradition and enhances the flavours of the land. All meals and accommodation are included in the price including, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vegetarian and vegan are a speciality at El Molino. You are in for a treat!

Please note that refreshments/drinks are not included and can be paid on departure from the hotel. Coffee/tea is included at mealtimes.

For more details: http://www.molinodelrio.com/INGLES/IQUESEL.HTM

Travel Arrangements
Please note flights and transfers are not included. Example return flight from Bournemouth to San Javier, Murcia is approximately £145 with Ryanair & £180 with Easyjet from Gatwick (via www.skyscanner.com).

Return transfers approximately £35 – £45 per person. Return flights are early evening back to the UK.
Transfers will be confirmed and arranged on your behalf as soon as you have confirmed your flight details. Please book your flights asap to guarantee your return seat. If you need any help, please let me know.

Deposit and Payment
Early bird price £695 payable before 31st December 2018. After 1st January 2019 £750.00. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required at time of booking.
Please note accommodation, all meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner and all workshop materials are included.


DIVINE SPIRITUAL GROUP (Various Dates throughout 2019)

light body

If you are looking for a small intimate group where you can learn to access higher consciousness, divine states of awareness, Christ consciousness light and energy, then this six weekly group will be for you.

This experiential group will explore many topics including angels, ascended masters, guides, channelling, connecting to our inner being, Source Self, the fourth dimension/spirit world, healing and much more.

Learn how to connect with these energies and use them to transform your own and other’s lives.

This is a first come first served event and maximum number 6 people per group, based in Mudeford, Nr Christchurch.

Contact Jessica Woods for details. or email jessicayourdestiny@gmail.com